Bed Rest & the Hospital :(

Saturday, December 23, 2006

What a scary crazy couple weeks it's been. I am almost 32 weeks pregnant and have been contracting pretty bad for the past 3 weeks. I go in and see my Dr. every week. I have been on strict bed rest for 3 weeks now. Well, I went in to my apt. on Tue and I was contracting and dilated to a 2. So, my Dr. admitted me to the hospital. I had to get an IV on fluids and I have to take a pill every 5 hours that makes my uterus stop contracting so much. Plus, they get me to huge shots in my hip so that our little girls lungs will hurry and develop if I have her early. So, anyway at least we didn't have her yet and she is still cooking in my belly. Which, is such a huge blessing. I just have to be really good about laying in bed (which is SOOO hard with a 2-year old) and take my pills. It is hard this time of year cause I have so much I needed to get done for Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you :)

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Amy said...

Good luck Kelley! I hope everything goes well and you don't have a baby for Christmas! I can't imagine being on bedrest with a toddler running around. I'll be thinking about you and wondering if your baby has been born yet...keep me posted!

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