Kylin Update

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kylin is doing really well. She is in an open crib and out of the incubator. She is still a little jondous, so the doctors are debating if she should go back under the lights or not. That is why she kind of looks like a little pumpkin. But, I had to take a picture of my little girl with her very first bow! She is so dang cute...this picture doesn't do her justice. She is nursing really well but, sometimes she gets so tired and worn out that she gets a little through her feeding tube. Hopefully when she gets a little stronger she will be able to get all her food from nursing.

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Amy said...

Kylin is adorable! Good luck with McKay. I cannot imagine being gone for such an extended period of time. Tyler had a rough time coping, and I was only gone for a couple nights. He'll make it through it...and eventually it will seem strange that it was just the three of you at one time. You look great!

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