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Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, I'm "IT"
My friend Amy, tagged me and now I'm supposed to list 7 different facts about myself; funny, random, silly, whatever. Then I will choose 7 new people to tag. If you are tagged, then please list the rules when you post.

ok. So, here are 7 things about me :) I hope this doesn't turn out to be a long boring post.

1. I am sure you all know by now but, I LOVE photography. I love reading books about it, I have a magazine subscription to Popular Photography, I joined blogs so I can talk about. I can't get enough! I take my camera with me wherever I go. I am sure my kids and Craig HATE it but, I can't help but use them as my little guinea pigs all the time. It is good that my photography business is really picking up so, I can leave my family alone and take pictures of other people.

2. I love sports! I am going to join a volleyball league this year, because I haven't played since college and I miss it so much! I love to play basketball, and softball too. I am SUCH a competitive person...So, I think that sports helps me a lot with that. Craig & I are total opposites in that way. Sometimes, I get mad at him cause he is not competitive enough cause I like to be challenged :)

3. I love to Interior decorate. If I had the time I would major in the subject. But, since it is one of the hardest and most time consuming majors there is... not a chance. So, I just try my best on my own home. I am glad Stacie is majoring in it and can give me her advice.

4. I love my husband. He is my best friend in the world. Today, we got in the hugest wrestling fight for like 1/2 hour just cause I couldn't admit defeat. He is clearly much stronger than me but, I couldn't give in. I ended up with a bloody lip and he had scratches and bites all over him. What can I say I fight like a girl. He knows he can be rough cause I am rough with him. We were laughing so hard we had to stop. I just love that I am gonna be with him forever and that we USUALLY get along really well.

5. I love being a mommy! It is the hardest job I have ever had (and I thought working at an accounting firm was hard). Plus, it is not always rewarding right away. But, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Even when Mckay is pounding down the bathroom door while I am trying to take a relaxing bath. :) It helps that my kids are so dang cute.

6. I love computers! That was one of my jobs at the accounting firm I worked at; to fix and network all their computers. I have never taken classes or anything like that...I just like to tinker and figure out how it all works and fix them when things go wrong. I owe it to my dad who helped my build my first computer. I love photoshop and digital scrapbooking probably cause they are part of computersand photography...I am such a nerd! But, good thing Craig is a nerd and loves them too.

7. I love to travel and one of my dreams is to be able to spend at LEAST 2 weeks in Europe going from place to place...especially Italy. I would love to take pictures there. I think it will be a while unless someone decides to give us LOADS of money. Plus, it is hard with the kids. :)

OK. So here is the list of people I am going to tag:
Kim B., Stacie H., Lisa R., Kate L., Katie B. Kris M. & Carly L. (I know Kris & Carly don't have a blog but, you can email me if you want :) I would love to hear more about you all!

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