Monday, August 13, 2007

We are back from California...and we had a BLAST! We went to Disneyland & California Adventures and to the beach. The drive there actually wasn't too bad either. It is a 10 hour drive but, we split it into 2 days and stayed overnight in Vegas. It was great spending time with my family with nothing else to worry about but having fun!
Ps. I will post some of our trip to the beach tommorrow.
Aren't the kids Mickey ears SO DANG CUTE on them!
of course we had to get a picture of Mickey Mouse.
This was a small roller coaster ride that Mckay really liked Mckays favorite part of the day was the small water park were it had fountains shooting out of the ground. He was completely soaked but, it made him less ornery cause it cooled him off.

This is Mckay and one of his favorite people in the whole world...AUNT SHARLIE!

Bug's Life land was really cool because it was like we were bugs...everything around us was HUGE. These were 4 leaf clovers towering above us.

He also into a Bug's Life and he kept saying "mommy I want that candy"

Mckay LOVES Cars! He got pictures with Sully, Woody, and McQueen too. This is the only picture that really turned out because he is frowning or crying in all the other ones...he was scared of them :)

This was the only Sleeping Beauty I saw

This is what they spend a huge part of the afternoon doing

We rode this like 10 times!

Mckay was so mad whenever the carousel ride ended.

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