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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally, our yard is nearing completion. It started out as a pile of unlevel dirt FULL of rocks. We (with lots of help from the Howe family) put up the fence. Which is a Lifetime fence that Rich helped engineer. He works at Lifetime. They are suppose to be awesome fences even stronger than vinyl. Mckay, I'm sure will put it to the test :) We haven't got the fence post covers on yet or the top caps...if you can just see the metal polls in the pictures. They look really nice when they are all put together. So, after the fence, then we had someone level the ground and put in the sprinkler system. We laid the sod and are all finished with the back yard. We just need to order more for the front yard. Wow, it has been A TON of work and lots of money. But, when I see our kids playin' and loving it back there...It is all worth it!Mckay & Kylin LOVE to jump in their tramploine....well Kylin trys and it is pretty funny!

We finally put Mckays swingset together now that the Sod has been able to sit for a week. He was SO excited and was helping his daddy put it together. He was just sticking the poles in random places and saying, "Look Daddy I did it!"

What a big helper!

Finally all done. I decided that instead of buying Ky and swing I would just hook up her Johnny Jumper which, can be a swing too. She loved it!

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Amy said...

You're yard looks awesome! We are finally putting our plans together for landscaping our backyard. I cannot wait to complete it!

Chelsea said...

I am SOOO jealous of your fence and grass!!! lucky you:) It looks great!

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