A visit to Santa

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We went to Christmas village this year. There are lots of fun shacks set up that have displays in them and there are tons of lights every where and....SANTA! It wasn't the best picture taking spot but, a free picture with Santa is hard to come by, so I won't be picky. Mckay was SO excited! We all had a lot of fun.

Ky is usually not scared of strangers but, man as soon as I walked away from her she started screaming.
Mckay totally forgot we were in the room. We kept saying his name to get him to look at us but, he was in his own little world telling Santa what he wanted.
Finally we got him to look at us.

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Kim said...

Great pics of your kids...but what the heck is wonrg with this jolly old fella...he looks so excited to be Santa doesnt he??? Kylin looks thrilled too...

Megan said...

Classic! Annabelle will go to ANYONE...I put her on Santa's lap and she screamed so hard she couldn't catch her breath - I laughed. Is that bad? Hopefully she will be like McKay soon...looks like he was very eager to tell him his list.

10zfam said...

hey, i went to your photo page, you do a great job. i have a quick question, my aunt is starting a photography business and she wants to know how to put her name on it when she posts on her blog so peopl won't steal them. does that make sense?

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