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Saturday, January 5, 2008

With the New Year comes my new Website (the link is at the side of this blog). It was SO much work designing this, especially since I don't have my major in web design or anything. I had to look up most of the html codes. It was pretty tuff to figure out with lots of anger and frustration. But, it is DONE! Wahoo! So, check it out. If I have just recently done pictures for you, you should be able to go into the "client gallery" link and look up your pictures. Your password is your last name and '08. So mine would be howe08. Let me know what you all think.
ps. All the links work except pricing...I should have that up by tomorrow

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Stratton & Stacie said...

hey kel,

Looks good. I love searching through that. Only one thing, on the session information page there is a spelling error. (prrofing instead of proofing). Nice work!

Kelley said...

Thanks Stac! I am glad that you looked at it close.

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