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Friday, February 29, 2008

I never would have thought that we purchased such a FUN couch! Usually I get upset when Mckay jumps on the couch, and tonight he threw all the cushions off and started jumping off the couch. I started to get mad and tell him no, when all of the sudden Ky climbs up on the couch and just JUMPS RIGHT OFF! She is only one years old, So my first reaction was FEAR that she biffed it and landed on her face. But, she was squealing like a little pig! She thought it was the funniest thing in the entire world and had no fear at all. She would follow her big brother anywhere. Had it been a cliff she would have jumped right hesitation. :) So, instead of getting mad I couldn't help but laugh so hard I almost cried. They were both having so much fun together. I put all the cushions on the floor so they didn't get hurt. I know this is bad cause now they are gonna want to play game this all the time but, I couldn't help was so dang funny. They did this for about 20 minutes and still weren't bored. Way to be consistant Kelley. At least my kids get along really great together right?

Ready, set....JUMP! What a little sheep my Kylin is.
Surprisingly no one got hurt at all. I was waiting for them to crash into each other. But, they are both really tuff. I fear Ky is gonna be a HUGE tomboy like I was.

I wish I had my different lense and external flash ready on my camera, but these moments come so fast you just gotta hurry and take it. I still think they are super cute pictures. Just not my fav lighting. :) I know I am so silly picky.

Don't worry, Mckay wasn't having so much fun that he peed his pants...he spilt some juice there earlier :)

There was lots of wrestling in between flights.

Sorry about the 1/2 naked baby and soggy diaper. She just got done eating. Just as a heads up...This is an activity just like swimming, which requires you to wait to at least 1/2 hour after eating before doing it. She barfed about 15 minutes later. :)

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Kim said...

Really hope McKay didnt get that from my kids...though this is something I think all kids are bound to do...wait till they do the laundry basket sled down the stairs (remember when we did that?) MY kids have gone down ours on a mattress. I love the pictures too...and glad they had fun...also glad you realized and just sat back and enjoyed...sometimes as a Mom that is hard to do, to let kids be - but it is good for them and you! Anyway, sorry for the long comment.

Kim said...

By the way...see my blog for another funny (and not so funny)thing kids do...

Megan said...

Those pictures are so cute and hilarious. The look on Kylin's face is priceless - she is squitning her eyes with her mouth wide open - pure delight. I also thought it was funny the Ky was naked and McKay was fully dressed.

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