Our V-day

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We had a great V-day this year. We made yummy heart sugar cookies...Which, Mckay LOVED to make and decorate. Then Mckay made some Valentines for his Grandma & Grandpas and "his favorite girl," Sharlie, and "Favorite Boy," Mikey. Sorry mom, we forgot to give you yours when you were here :). Later that night Craig made me a YUMMY romantical dinner with candle light. We had steak and fettuchini Alfredo with bread sticks and sparkling cider. He is such a good cook and it was so much fun! Then we went out to see "Fools Gold" Which I thought was pretty good. So it was a great fun night. Thanks Mom & Dad Howe for watching the babies for us! I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

Since we are on the topic of Valentines day, I though I would do the "tag" I got from Amy and talk about my sweetie. I LOVE YOU CRAIGIERS!


What is his name: Craig Richard Howe

How long have you been together? We were married Jan 3rd 2003.

How long did you date? We dated for about 3 months before he went on his misson, I wrote him his entire mission, and then we dated for 8 months after he got home. I was one of the 3% that actually waited for their missonary!

How old is he? 26 almost 27...man, that seems old to me.
His birthday is: May 12th

Who eats more? Me I think...sadly. Except if there is something Craig really likes then he will chow down. I definatly beat him in the sweets department too. I just LOVE food!

Who said "I love you" first? Craig did. He said it about 2 weeks after he got home from his mission. Even though I knew I loved him and wanted to marry him by our 2nd date. But, you don't tell the guy that unless you want to scare the crap out of them!

Who is taller? Craig--he's 6 feet. I am only 5'4. Everytime he drives after me he has to push the seat all the way back and can barely get in. He always makes fun of me.

Who can sing better? Craig, although I can't ever get him to sing for me. Sometimes he will sing to the radio and that is all I get. But, he really does have a great voice.

Who is smarter? Craig again. But, I am smarter in more artsy fartsy creative ways. He is really book smart and just generally smart about EVERYTHING! His idea of a good show is watching engineering and science stuff. My sister Kim calls him the "guy with all the random facts." There is just lots in that brain up there.

Who does the laundry? Me. but, Craig will help me put it away and sometimes,he will help me fold it if we are watching a show or listening to a book together.

Who pays the bills? Me again. If I am not in charge of that I will go crazy with worry not knowing what gets paid and if we have enough money. But, he makes the money.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are standing at the foot of the bed, Craig lays on the left side. I think we do it that way so I feel more safe. If someone comes in to attack us then the first person they encounter is big strong craig..who will save the day before they can get to me. hehe. It makes me sleep better at night. I am silly I know.

Who mows the lawn? Craig...but, not often enough

Who cooks dinner? Both of us. Craig is a much better cook,and enjoys it more. I only do it cause I have to. I like to bake.

Who drives? Craig does. he doesn't really like my driving and I never know where I am going.

Who is more stubborn? Me for sure

Who kissed who first? I think it was a mutual thing. We made out during an entire drive-in movie on our first date. I don't think that we will share that with our kids. But, I am telling that guy is a AMAZING kisser :)

Who asked who out first? Craig asked if "I wanted to hang out" on AIM. We used to talk on that all the time....we were so lame.
Who proposed? Craig. He hid the ring in a pumpkin I was carving.

Who has more friends? About the same. Although, Craig has lots more freinds around here. Mine are spread out everywhere.

Who is more sensitive? Oh my gosh, ME! Craig is not sensitive at all. Just so mellow.

Who has more siblings? Equal. We both come from families with 3 girls and 3 boys

Who wears the pants? Depends on what issue. I would like to think that I have him wrapped around my little finger...but, I don't. We usually figure things out together.

So, now you know a little more about Craig!
I tag EVERYONE...it is always good to learn about everyone's other half

7 Say What's:

mrs. jar said...

p.s. I am jealous that Craig cooks real food! Jimi is really good at french toast. :)

mrs. jar said...

Do you remember making cookies or cupcakes or something at my house and mailing them to Craig when he was in the MTC? I just remembered that...kinda random. Did you get my inquisitive email about photoshop?

Megan said...

AIM - good times :) That was a fun post. And what a good mom to watch your kids on V-Day! Those cookies look scrumptious - at least you bake...I like to, but since I am the one at home all day, I am the one eating it all day. So I don't bake. I should be more like you - a domestic goddess, if you will.

Leah said...

Looks like you had a great valentines day! I cant wait for Kate to be old enough to bake with her and celebrate holidays she will remember!! Oh and thanks for fixing the background on my blog. It is perfect!! :)

mrs. jar said...

I didn't get the email. Can you send it again? Thanks!

Krystin said...

Jeff hid my ring in a pumpkin i was carving too when he proposed!!! how funny..

Jessica said...

I love your blog. I am so jealous of it. Do you give lessons? Your kids are so beautiful too!!

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