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Monday, February 25, 2008

I thought I would show you all a shoot I am almost done proofing. I was a lot of fun and they are all such georgeous girls! I am trying to break into the Senior photography market. I do lots of babies but, I REALLY want to do highschool seniors. So, Stac (my sis in law) is so nice and had her and her roomies come and do a shoot to build up my portfolio more. Thanks again Stac! Hope you don't mind me posting and showing you all off.

Isn't she so georgeous it almost makes you sick :) I loved the background...So, I didn't crop it too much. This was under a bridge on the railroad tracks.

This was her first time of really getting her picture taken. I thought she did an EXCELLENT job.

I like this one in B&W even though the color one looked good too.

I took pictures for her senior recital. these girls are all Seniors in College.

I thought it would be fun to do something kinda "Urban grunge" Stac is so nice to let me play :)

I liked all the textures and colors in the wall. It is an old warehouse in Ogden.

She had the coolest cello case.

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Megan said...

With pictures like those how could any senior not want you to take their picture. They are so different, but classic too. On a side note, I totally forgot about the sinclair dinasour thing. I had some pictures of us at Kirts when it was remodeled for the "Drive Me Crazy Movie" and you are right up against this sign with your mouth wide open so it looked like you were eating the hamburger in the picture. Yeah - we were weirdos.

Leah said...

Gorgeous as usual Kelley. Megan's comment just brought back memories :)

Dana said...

gorgeous kel! i love 'em. sorry i missed you yesterday, but i hear ya, sometimes (sadly) i figure, hey, it's pretty much the end of the day, i'll just shower tomorrow...that's a little personal isn't it... :) kids keep you hoppin' that's for sure! talk to you soon. :)

Stratton & Stacie said...

Mmmm! I am so excited to see the rest! What a champ. Oh man, I love them so much.

Jessica said...

You are so talented. You will have to take our family pictures this summer when we come.

Abbie said...

Hey Kelley, wow those pics are fantastic! Just wanted to say I think you do a great job. Fun to see pics of your family, your kiddos are darling. Seems like just yesterday we went on that trip to Flaming Gorge...don't even think I've seen you since then. :)

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