The Bead

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So, last night we picked up our kids from Grandpa & Grandma Howes, and got home and Mckay in bed at about 10p.m. He was so tired he didn't even change into his Pj's. Not 10-minutes later we hear Mckay crying very loudly from his room. So, I go in there to see what the problem is and he says through tears, "Mommy, I got my bead stuck in my nose!" Sure enough, there was the big white bead that Mikey had given him earlier that night. It was SO FAR UP THERE! I could barely even see it. We tried to get him to blow as hard as he could while we blocked off the other side of his nose and covered his mouth. Which, blew TONS of snot all over me, but no bead. Nothing was working. We tried having him blow it out, and us trying to push it out for about 10-minutes. I even tried getting my tweezers up there to grab it, which was really scary cause Mckay was still crying so hard and having a hard time holding still.

We called the Howe's wondering if they knew of a good "Now Care" that was still open. Then, craig had the idea to get one of my bobbi pins and try and stick it up there enough to get the bead turned (there is a whole in the middle) enough to grab it and pull it out. But, me being the picture nerd I am had to grab my camera while my poor little boy was in so much turmoil. Well, to get to the point, the bobby pin worked...I was able to reach in there and turn it enough and then slide it out. I am just glad we didn't have to take him to the hospital and so is he :) He was really worried about it. I don't think he will be sticking anything in his nose again anytime soon. It was pretty funny though!

We got our desk lamp so I could see better...It was so far up there, you have no idea, I could just BARELY see it! Then I put my sunglasses on him so that it wouldn't be too bright. Craig showed him what the bobby pin looked like and that it wasn't sharp and wouldn't hurt...hopefully. No wonder the poor thing was so scared. Looks like he was about to get his teeth drilled or go into surgery or something.

This is him right after holding the bead. He looks exhauseted and teary-eyed. The funny thing is, is that he still wanted to take the dang thing to bed with him. We made him put it on his dresser.

The tools. hehe. Oh, wow what a night!

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BensonFam said...

Ah the joys... that is too funny Kel. Livvy always likes to go to bed holding things in her hand too. Lately it's a small rock named "pebble" and a slightly larger rock called "pebble's mama."

Megan said...

Oh - I know that is wasn't fun for your or McKay , but the story still makes me laugh. Oh the things I have to look forward to. It reminds me of "One Fine Day" when the little boy gets the marble up his nose. For me, I used to stick green sixlets up my nose...cause they looked like boogers?! But they melted...ewww!

Leah said...

poor little guy....but that is sooo funny! Kelley, not many people can think to grab a camera in such a critical moment :) haha
Thats whats so great. You dont have to tell people the story, you can just SHOW them!

Chelsea said...

okay, not really funny..but made me laugh really hard! glad it turned out ok!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS - I JUST ABOUT DIED LAUGHING. This is awesome! Man I love you and Kim's blogs!! They are just awesome between poor McKay, crazy Kylin, Meg and Kailey with their leprachaun I am throughly entertained and my co-workers think I am insane! Your pictures are always so awesome! Keep it up and keep that camera handy!=) excellent!!

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