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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We have all be a little bored the past couple days becuase it has been too cold and windy to go play outside. Well, the kids were playing dress up with their fire hats and mickey mouse ears (they love playing dress up) and watching "Super Why", So I got the idea to make them super hero costumes. Mckay especially LOVED it. He kept saying he was, "Super Why to the rescue!" I am sure you who have kids that watch the show know what he mean's. They both flew around the house for a while. Ky would follow Mckay anywhere. Mckay kept his on pretty much all day. I have got lots of good pictures for their wedding video's someday, that is for sure!

Mckay insisted on wearing just his underwear of course! He said he was like a superman superwhy. He is a pretty scrawny superman if you ask me.

Look at the fiercness in Ky's eyes. hehe.
The super hero stance! He looks like he is ready to fly.
Mckay and I tried to teach Ky how to flex her muscles, and this is what we got. Pretty close...look at those guns!

On a COMPLETELY different note....I have to tell you about my poor cat Tango. I had such a sad and tramatic experience a couple days ago with him. Craig was leaving to go to work and he started the car and he said it kinda sounded like a weed wacker. So he got out of the car a lifted the hood and saw our Cat Tango's legs sticking out the top. I guess Tango had got up in there to get warm. So craig ran inside so upset and came and got me. I was crying hysterically and thought Tango was dead cause there was blood everywhere. Well, to make a long story short. Tango was stuck tight, our neighbors saw me bawling and came helped us take apart our car a little so we could get him out. It took some one pushing him from below and pulling from above to get him out. He was stuck so tight that we thought we would break his neck trying to get him out. But, we got him out alive and he is missing half his tail. He was in some pretty bad shock and I thought he might have some internal bledding. But, he seems to be surving although he is in a lot of pain. We took him into the vet and there is not much else they can do for him. So, hopefully he will make a full recovery and we will just have to change his name to "stubs". Thanks for everyone's concern who called and stopped by :) you all know how much I love my animals. I would show you the picture I took of his stubby bloody tail...but I thought it was pretty gross and you probably wouldn't appreciate it. I'll just tell you that it's gross. I am just so thankful he is alive!

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Megan said...

Oh man- so sorry about your cat. That sounds very traumatic - I am glad you guys got him out and hopefully he will get better!

On a much happier note...those pics of Ky and Mckay are so cute. He is scrawny cause that is his disguise - no one would expect him to be a superhero ;) You are such a fun mom - I need to do stuff like this, but I don't think Anna would have as much fun without the older brother to cheer her on. We tried to teach her to flex her muscles and she just held her breath until her face went red...not flexin, but it was hilarious anyway.

Tausha said...

so sorry about the kitty. Anyway an aniaml gets hurt is sad, but that is a terrible story! I am glad to hear that the kitty lived through it. Sound like it could have been a lot worse! So glad everything is ok with kitty! Hey-where are we on the swap. I am ready when you say go!

10zfam said...

So sorry about the cat.

Cambree too loves to be super why. she always runs around the house saying "super why to the recsue" that's right, she doesn't say rescue. I acutally like super why too so i don't mind her watching it often
you are such a creative mom. i usually just use cambree's blanket as a cape and i've never thought of doing a mask.

Leah said...

You are such a fun mommy. Totally crafty. Your cat experience is so traumatic. You know I hate cats, but I feel really bad for it, AND YOU!

Leah said...

PS, thanks for writing in my little chat widgit thing on my blog. Its there for anyone, especially my mom cause she doesnt get the whole "comment" on the blog thing. haha OLD PEOPLE.

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