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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Every Sunday we go to dinner at My family's or Craig's family's house, we switch every week. It is nice to get to see everyone at least once every other week. This week was my parents week. Every One comes with all their kids and it is a NOISY CRAZY ZOO! There are 8 grand kids ranging from 6 months- 8 years. Here are just a couple funny pictures my mom took of this Sunday's dinner.

The Changing line-up. Kim has 2 kids in diapers right now and I only have 1 (thank goodness) and they all decided to poop their pants at the same time. It was one big smelly house thanks to them! ps. that wipee on the floor by Ky doesn't have poop on it mom....it is from the dirt I wiped off her face :)

My little tomboy couldn't stay out of Grandma's flower pots! The kids have so much fun going to my parents house cause they have a big backyard with all kinds of toys and a playroom just for them.
What a cute little mess. Thank goodness I took off her pretty Sunday dress before letting her go out and play. I know how Kylin is.

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Natasha said...

Way cute pictures! I love the diaper line up picture. Me and my sister have three combined in diapers too so we have been in this situation once or twice. :) How's house selling going?

Megan said...

I love all the pictures and your commentary! Whenever I watch Maddie (Lacie's little girl) her and Anna ALWAYS poop at the same time - weird kids. I wish we lived closer to our families so we could go to their houses each week for Sunday dinner. What fun memories your kids will have!

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