Sad, Fun & Crazy Day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My brother-in-law Sam, left for his mission yesterday to Sao Paulo Brazil. We all went to breakfast at Village Inn and then went to the Airport to drop him off. Although mission farewells at airports are not as fun as they used to be (going right up to the gate...thanks terrorists for ruining that) But, It was still a lot of fun and sad at the same time. I will really miss him, he is such a good guy and will be such an AWESOME missionary. Check his mission blog for more pictures and updates on him :) I will be scrap booking his mission.

This is Sharlie and Mckay. He LOVES Sharlie SO MUCH! And it always so excited to see her. He really is a sweet kid when he is in a good mood. :)

A last squeeze from Sam for 2 years!

After the airport, We all (minus dad...and Sam of course) went to the Planetarium in SL to let the kids wander around and look at all the cool stuff. Then we went to lunch at the Gateway and got some Ben's Cookies. Let me tell you, if you have never had Ben's cookies you are REALLY missing out.

After that I dropped Craig off at work (he works out by the airport now) and met up with my friend Amy and her kids and her sis-in-law Michelle at the Aquarium in Sandy. It was pretty small, (will be TONS better when it moves to SL) but the kids really liked it and Mckay LOVED seeing Tyler again...he was so excited and still can't stop talking about him now. And it was so good to see you again Amy!

Kylin, Mckay,Tyler, Susie, and Jackson

After the aquarium, we went back to Amy's house and played, had dinner, and swam in their pool. By that time the kids were exhausted and ONERY from no nap. What a crazy, busy and FUN day.

Mckay says that Tyler is his best friend and keeps asking when he is gonna come play.

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Amy said...

We had so much fun with you! The second Tyler woke up this morning he asked if we could go to Mckay's house! I told him we would go visit in a couple of weeks, which I fully intend on doing. Let's make a date now! What works best for you? The pictures are so cute! I have to get some from you!

Tausha said...

So fun!!
I hate it when you have to say goodbye to those missionaries! It is the worst, yet the best cause you know where they are going!
You will be blessed for his service.
Isn't it great to have to such wonderful friends?

Megan said...

Yeah I hate not being able to see their plane take off from the window...oh well. Looks like you guys have been pretty busy doing lots of fun stuff, like ususal. One day I will be a great mom like you and take my kids to a bunch of cool places instead of to the mail box and back ;)

Natasha said...

I love all your cute pictures! I did not know you guys were going to move too. :( How is selling your house going? Ours is not really going at all right now.

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