Mckay's Birthday

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My little man turned 4 on the 26th...I can't believe how fast the time goes! He wanted a froggie party, so of course he got one :) I have to warn you there are TONS of pictures! So here goes...

All the frog cake pans were like $40, So I decided to just make one from scratch. It is a circle pan and a square pan...cut. licorice mouth and googlie eyes.

Blowing out the is so much fun now that he understands birthdays and gets so excited for them.
We had the Howe's over on Sunday to celebrate. Thanks everyone for coming and for driving all the way down here Stac, we were so glad you could come. Mckay wanted Pizza for dinner, so the Howe's brought Papa Murphey's pizza & salad. That is the nice thing about living next to family...he gets to celebrate his birthday like 3 times!

"Heavy, Heavy hangover thy poor head...what do you wish with a bump on the head?" After Mckay got bumped on the head by all his presents he had to make wishes for the people giving them to him. He gave all the wishes himself this year with no help at all. For most people he wished them toys, but Keri got a special wish he said, "I wish you wouldn't pick your nose!" Hmmm...I wonder how many times he has heard that from us! Mikey also got wished a "human" instead of a toy. What a weirdo Mckay is.

We have him his cute batman Pj's the night before and he LOVES them..he had to wear them for his party. The Howe's also got him Clothes, shoes, binoculars, and glow in the dark stars...his room looks awesome by the way!
We let him open all his presents right when he woke up. It was so fun cause he was so excited. We even had a little dolly present for Ky so she didn't feel too left out. Mckay played with all his new toys till lunch, and then we took them to McDonalds for a happy meal and to play in the playground.

Drums...he was really excited but, I still don't know if I am.

His presents were: Drum set, Buzz dart gun, Sandbox, Frog, Rocket launcher, transformer, & an Adidas sweat suit.
Mckay picked bowling for what he wanted to do for his birthday. He LOVES it and Ky even had fun this time. Then after wards we went out for ice cream at Country Boy.

Mckay started following the ball down alley, but he figured it out by his next turn.
They both had so much game took us FOREVER though. I feel bad for all the people who were in lanes next to us because Ky kept trying to take all their balls and I was constanly chasing her around...I didn't want her to drop any on her toes!

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Megan said...

Wow! How are you going to top that next year? Who am I kidding, of course you of all people would be able to! I want to celebrate my birthday with your family - looks like you guys know how to have fun! I love the cake too - awesome job! My frugality gets the best of me too - I can never buy the expensive things that make projects easier, but then I regret it when it takes way longer to do. Yet, when I do the next project, I still can't bring myself to spend a bunch of money. haha.

Chelsie said...

your cake looks amazing! I'm impressed! sheesh, what a great birthday....i bet he was lovin life, and who wouldn't...the day sounds perfect especially the country boy part...ah good memories there.

Erin said...

You did such a cute job with his party! I love that "frog" theme! Also that is the cutest picture of your little boy when he is opening his drums...he looks so excited!!

Kim said...

I love that picture of him opening the drum set and the icecream picture. He just looks like he is in heaven! Glad he had a great party...I can't believe he is four already!!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!! It looks like you guys did soooo many fun things. We want to get together soon!

Peter Lee Family said...

oh my, that cake is amazing, I love it!

Keli said...

Love the cake, home made cakes are always the best!

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