Mckay's Party & The Zoo!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mckay had his birthday party today...his first one with friends! I think that it went pretty well, he had LOTS of fun and I think the kids did too! Not bad for my first kids party. He wanted a froggie party, so we got him all green plates, cups, balloons, and froggie cupcakes. I didn't get to take very many pictures at all because I was so busy, I didn't even get any of them playing or Mckay opening his presents...Oh well. There was a pinate, bubbles, water balloons, Lily Pad walk (cake walk) and fishing (where you throw over a pole and get little prizes). So, the kids were pretty busy. THANKS SOOOO MUCH to everyone that came...It meant A LOT to Mckay and I! Thanks Janna for your help getting stuff set up too :)

The invite...I cut the froggie out and made it pop out .

Mckay and the sun pinate...couldn't find a froggie one.

All kids collecting candy with their little bags....I think all the girls (including Ky) ate the most :)

Froggie cupcakes...The frosting dyed EVERYTHING!

Mac & Cheese for Lunch.

One of Mckay's Prizes he won fishing.

Cute Picture of Mckay's friend Aiden....that frosting really dyed everything...sorry Keli :)



The kids and I went to the zoo with my friend Amy and her kids. We have been wanting to go for a long time, So I was glad we finally got a chance. Even though it was REALLY crowded and I forgot my diaper bag (with all the food and are a life saver Amy) it was still LOTS of fun! By the end we were all super hot and tired...but it was worth it :)

we got to ride the little train around the Zoo.

I asked Mckay what his favorite thing about the zoo was and he said, "The do not feed the animal signs" The ENTIRE day all he wanted to do was see these signs and talk about them and why you shouldn't feed the animals. So, I had to get a picture of his with his favorite thing. hehe.

Ky loved posing in front of this gorilla. She was making everyone laugh!

The kids all really liked this big snake...especially Tyler. Ky's favorites were the normal alligators and she kept saying "Zebra" when she got home.

The famous Albino Alligator or is it crocodile?

I had to get a picture of Ky and her matching a Giraffe :) It was the best picture I could get considering a moving Ky and a moving Giraffe. She LOVES giraffe's!

7 Say What's:

Kim said...

I am so sorry we missed this fun party! We can't wait to see McKay on his birthday to wish him a happy day! Looks like a fun party though! And I love the zoo pics - esp of Ky and her cuter then cute giraffe print shirt! Glad it went well!

Kim said...

Love LOVE LOVE the new blog look! Cute!

Chelsie said...

his birthday party looks like it was so much fun. i'm impressed with all the activities and cute frog stuff you had! the hogle zoo pics are so cute...i love that mckay liked the signs the best. that is hilarious!

Megan said...

What a fun party! I have heard from other people that the store forsting can dye everything. No fun - for parents that is - I bet the kids thought it was awesome.

The zoo pictures are cute too. I love Ky's outfit!

Stratton & Stacie said...

So much fun to read! It makes me wish i was closer to party all the time. It was so good to see you guys!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Mckay! Tyler is so sad he missed your party! We'll have to meet up soon!

Keli said...

Whats life without a little frosting? :) Thanks for inviting Aiden, he had a great time! We need to get the boys together and let them play. Finding friends his age is hard these days!

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