The Fair....again :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our family goes to A LOT of Fair's I decided! This year we have already been to, The Weber Fair, Davis Fair, Morgan Fair, Peach Days, and now the Utah State Fair (saving the best for last). I think we like to go to all these Fair's to enjoy wholesome redneck Americans like these people
I know that is TOTALLY rude of me, and I hope you all don't think I'm a brat, but for those of you who don't go to Fair's I wanted to paint you a little picture....and it's HILARIOUS! Or, we go to all these Fairs for the great food, to look at booths selling all kinds of stuff from spray on tattoos and jewelry to wax hands....yes you heard me right, for only $40 you can get a wax mold of your hand to display on your mantel. Funny I know...the most I would pay for one is $25 (I hope you are catching my sarcasm here) We also, like to take our kids to ride the pony's, look at all the animals, and occasionally get a cheap carnival ride. All the while, listening to country music pushing a stroller and enjoying the crowd of crazy people. It doesn't sound like a good time...but REALLY it is. The best part is just hanging out as a family, and the kids really love it. So here are LOTS of pictures from our last fair of the year :)

Pony rides are always the favorite, too bad she was too obsessed with looking at her horse to ever look at the camera!

The "Big Yellow Slide" is a family tradition for the past 3 years now.
Ky LOVED it and kept saying "slide again" and cried when we had to go. Mckay on the other hand....
SCREAMED! He loved it last year, but this year he really was scared. Poor thing, didn't help that we couldn't help but laugh....Gosh we are mean!

Every year they have a FREE pretend farm for the kids to go through and collect different things and learn how to do things from around the farm. This is the first year Mckay was brave enough to milk the fake cow.

The had cute little aprons & baskets to collect their things.

There was apple picking, planting & collecting veg tables (in a sand box), brushing sheep, milking & feeding cows, and...

Driving tractors with hay....

Collecting eggs, but all Ky wanted to do was try and feed the fake chickens their eggs.

At the end of the farm, they get to "sell" all their stuff and earn a fake dollar to spend at the local store, where the kids got some yummy cookies. This is defiantly the highlight of the fair for them every year :)

Cotton Candy, Drinks, Popcorn, Funnel Cake, Curly Fries...

Mckay and his cotton candy...he ate almost the ENTIRE thing. I just thought this was a cool picture so I did kinda a funky wash on it in photoshop.

What a mess!

These were the BEST curly fries EVER...they were HUGE. I am getting kinda sick looking at them cause we ate so much.

Mckay and his popcorn, he loves the stuff and it kept the kids happy for a long while.

This is my FAVORITE part of fairs...the FUNNEL CAKE! I know I look totally crazy in this picture, and I can't help it I just LOVE this stuff. This one was chocolate, and Bavarian Creme. YUMMMM...too bad that, with the plate of curly fries made me sick, my body probably couldn't handle the over load of FAT, but hey it was worth it :)

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Alison said...

I would say that you guys have hit your "fair" share of fairs this year! I would also say that the Utah State Fair looked like it was AWESOME!!! The little farm for the little kids is adorable and the food looked SOOO good! We might have to hit that one next year. We only went to the Weber County Fair this year. I made sure to get my annual funnel cake though!

Chelsie said...

i love the butt crack picture, that is hilarious. megan and i want to take the kids to the fair really bad....sadly i think because we really want to try the deep fried pb&j that they keep showing on commercials...but it looks like the kids could enjoy the trip as well! :-) Mmmm funnel cake...that looks divine

Megan said...

Your post made me want to pack up right now and go to the fair. Like Chelsie said we want to go to try the PB deep fried sandwhich - I know its probably about as healthy as that funnel cake, but funnel cakes are sooo good. I loved the pic of McKay screamin and Craig laughing - I would have done the same thing. I laugh at innapropriate moments like the doctor on the Simpsons. And Ky's hot pink boots? So friggin cute! I love it - she is always dressed so stylin!

Laura said...

I love fairs too! But if you think up north is ghetto try Washington is a sad sight indeed. Where is Craig's stripped shirt?:) By the way I am totally jealous that you are all in pants and long sleeves...well besides Craig:) There is nothin' like fall weather and fairs!

Chelsea said...

alright you guys deserve a prize for always doing fun things as a family! I love it:) and I'm sure your kids love it even more

Tausha said...

yum! i am so with you on the fair food and retarded red necks that frequent them.
The funnel cake looks delish!
You need to try the pumpkin empenadas at taco time. Come october 1-I will frequent that establishment way more than i should. You definately should try it-yum yum yum-almost as good as a funell cake!

Kim said...

Love how you are all matchy matchy...hee hee! And love Ky's pink boots! Though I have to say, some of the pics McKay looks like a little jailbird with the stripes. It's cute though! Looks like you had fun! I have a cute little pink cowgirl kit...I will have to get it to you so you can scrap some fun fair stuff with Ky!

{irene} said...

Girl!!..I loved your pictures!!!(specially the "coin-slot" one:)...Mike always has one of those...tmi, maybe..)and you ask me what I do for a job, well, I'm a news reporter/anchor for a Spanish speaking tv station here in SLC, and I also have a radio show on Magia 106.1 fm on I'm pretty busy!

Laura Jex said...

looks like you guys had a fun time! By the way. I love your shirt!

Kristin said...

you never fail to amaze me. You are such a good mommy. I am always so picky about spending money...I need to relax and do more things like that with jaxson! He would love it.

Also-that butt crack picture is hilarious.

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

You have to love the fairs and all the "white trash" that butt crack picture is classic.

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