A fun day outside...FINALLY

Friday, May 1, 2009

The weather here has finally turned warm enough to go out and play. WAHOO! Kylin has REALLY been wanting a bike, and we have been putting it off because we are on such a tight budget. But, we decided it was time and got one for her. She was SOOOO excited! We all went to the nature park by our house and taught her how to ride it, and by the end she had completly gotten the pedling part down. I was so surprised becuase it took Mckay much longer. She still needs to learn to steer, but that will come soon I think.

Look at the excitement on her face

Mckay learned how to brake really well today after he crashed when going over a bridge :) So- we practiced the concept lots after that.

Ok- so I might need to tell them soon that brothers & sisters dont kiss like that. There were lots on the lips. But, it is so CUTE and funny to watch. hehe. I guess in this family we are just lips kissers.

What a sweetie Mckay is...no prompting from us at all.

Daddy teaching her how to ride. I was with her most the time though (of course no pictures of me) chanting "Toes...push...push...push" it seemed to help her. I got a serious workout bending over the whole time with my huge belly.
It was great to get outside...SO BEAUTIFUL and lots of fun! After our bike ride we went home and ate pizza on a sheet in the living room and watched a movie. Good Times :)

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Chelsie said...

those pics are SO cute!!! ky's big cheese in the first pic is darling, and i love the kissy pics! i'm impressed with how fast she caught on!

Amy said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the sun! Seeing all the pics of your kids made me miss you guys! Why did you have to move??? How are you feeling nowadays? Hope all is well. I love you! xoxoxo

Megan said...

That is the same bike we have for Anna. I think she might actually be able to use it now - her legs are so short that she struggles. Poor kid. I miss Logan when you post pictures or stuff you are doing. One of the running sections of a triathlon I did went on that trail - it was such a pretty run. I hope you are feeling better these days.

Kim said...

Love days like that...we just did the bike thing too - glad you could splurge and get her a bike to share some fun times with McKay. Hey...check your email and call me if you can tomorrow - PLEASE!!! Dinner here at my house on Sun at 5pm.

Heather K said...

How fun! Your blog is so cute!

Dana said...

Love your little family Kelley :) Looks so fun! I'm loving the warmth too, and Logan is a great place huh? I miss it :) So glad ya'll had a great time! Hope you're feeling well! :)

Erin said...

Cute pic's and kids as always :) It has been so nice and then it RAINED all day today!! Crazy Utah weather huh?!

Brooke said...

That is so cute! I love the kisses! I want to get Syd a bike one of these days. We also do pizza on a blanket on Friday nights, I love it and so does Syd!

That's what we said: said...

Adorable photos! I wish it would stop raining here so we could go play.

Tausha said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Did mom too? Does that mean that you are over baby sickness or are you still battling?
So. about the bike-where did you get it? How much was it and will it be too small for my 4 almost 5. Thanks in advance!!!
PS-I love your music. I just click on your blog and let it play!!

Natasha said...

Your kids are so freaking cute, really! What a nice family actvity too. It makes me want to go outside to play.

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