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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yep, there has been some fun stuff going on here :) We are enjoying fall, which now I think is just about over since it SNOWED today! Blah, I really HATE snow! But I think I am the only one cause the kids LOVED it! Here are a few things that we have been up to lately...


Logan has a pumpkin walk that was kinda fun...AND FREE! You get to walk around and look at some cool pumpkins that people have carved or painted and created some interesting stuff.

Mckay's favorite part was all the pumpkins kids had made and they were all lit up.

There we some cool pumpkin scenes...I really liked this Michael Jackson one and there was a PC & Mac one that was pretty funny :)

I think the kids favorite thing was riding the shuttle bus to and from the event....they couldn't hold still and were laughing the whole time.

We only stayed about 45 minutes cause it started getting cold and afterwards we went to Village Inn for some yummy hot cocoa!


Today, the kiddos ran outside in the their jammies to go play in the snow. They were so excited and wanted to build a snowman...THANK GOODNESS there was not enough snow for that.


This is about 6 seconds of Kylin mood swings. She really cracks me up with her different multiple personalities...I can't keep up :


I can't believe a month has already gone by! She wasn't gaining weight at first and had a little trouble getting rid of her jaundice, but after substituting a little high calorie formula into her diet she got better. She still wakes up every 2-hours to eat and I am EXHAUSTED. But, we love her sooo much! She has been having LOTS more awake time now, and I am starting to get into a groove and figuring out how to take care of 3-kids :)

So, that is what us Howe's were up to these past 2-weeks or so...Lots of fun Halloween stuff coming soon. Now I just need to finish Mckay's costume!!!

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.:Bree:. said...

how fun!!!

Your children seriously are beautiful! :)

You'll get back some energy soon I hope!

Ben and Camille said...

love the photos. love the kids. they are so beautiful kelley! and i LOVE their outfits! they are adorable.

Ben and Camille said...

love the photos. love the kids. they are so beautiful kelley! and i LOVE their outfits! they are adorable.

Megan said...

I love Fall. Why does it always feel like it lasts 2 weeks though?! Make this snow go away! The pictures of your kids are adorable. I really dig the way you do Kylin's hair. Looks like you have been having fun and you are doing great with 3 kids. Speaking of - that Piper is stinkin' cute.

Amy said...

I love the pics! Especially Kylin's different personalities...reminds me of my little girl too! Your baby is so sweet! Can't wait to meet her someday soon.

Kim said...

What a cutie patootie family you have. Come down and trick or treat with us? Yay for three, knew you could do it!

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

That halloween walked sounds like fun. Your kids are too cute!! I can't believe your baby is already a month old. Where did that time go.

mrs. jar said...

You are the best mamma! Taking pictures of everything. I love that you took pictures of the first snow knowing you and Craig's aversion to the stuff! :)

Brooke said...

Wow that month went by fast! I totally feel for you on the snow, I am NOT ready for it yet. I love the pictures though!

Chelsie said...

what? you have a one month old and you're making your kidlets costumes? you're amazing! love all the pics especially the faces of ky...ha your kids are so cute

BensonFam said...

L-O-V-E the mood swing pictures - that cracked me up. And what a gorgeous baby!! Glad you guys are doing well.

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