Temple Square Tradition

Sunday, December 20, 2009

HI Everybody! What a crazy week this has been for me! I have been sewing 15 hours a day for 4-days straight trying to get all my Christmas Orders done for my Etsy shop. I NEVER want to sew another day in my life!!! But, I am happy to say I am FINALLY done and it feels SO good :) THANKS so much mom for watching my kids for 3-days so I could work...I never could have done it without you. So- now onto the fun stuff...

Every year my family goes to Temple square to see the lights, the Howe's invited us to go with them this year and it was LOADS of fun. We road the Front Runner down (which is the kids favorite part) ate dinner at JB's Restaurant and then headed over to the lights. Sheila was so nice to take Piper inside for most of it so she wouldn't be cold. It was sooo pretty this year, and to make it even cooler there was tons of fog that just gave everything nice glow. I was bummed cause I didn't have my wide angle lens with me to take pictures, so there aren't very many...but, it was GEORGEOUS, very cold, but LOTS of fun :)

You can't tell how foggy it was in this picture...but you can in the next one!

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful December :)

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Megan said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. This is a tradition our family has yet to do. We are such slackers - we really need to get on that! I hope thing slow down for you - that is a whole lot of sewing! But at least your business is doing so well, right?!

Tausha said...

No wonder I couldn't get a hold of you. The pics are fun~ My girls love the train as well. I am hoping that you don't have too many blisters!
When Christmas is over and we can both take a deep breath-will you call me. I am serious about some changes on the blog that I am just not competent enough to do.
Watch me tomorrow on studio 5.
PS I am loving the first pic of the salt lake temple-you should sell it!! Now-can you go to bountiful and get a beautiful one as well. I need a new pic. :)

Jenny said...

LOVE those pictures! The fog one is awesome. That's a fun tradition

Heather K said...

Cuteness! I love all the work you do with your pics. I need some serious help!
I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

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