Better late than never...Kylin's Birthday Party!

Friday, February 5, 2010

My little Kylin turned 3 back on the 17th and I haven't had a chance to post pictures yet. I usually go all out for birthday's but this year has been so crazy with not fun family stuff and me being sick and Kylin was sick. So, I only got a few not so great pictures :) But some is better than none and I think that she had a lot of fun and a GREAT day!!!

I sent these invites out to everyone...Ky was so excited about mailing them.

The boys and their crowns...hehe

The kids were all SOOO excited about Kylin's dollhouse. Which, my mom drove 2-hours to pick up for me. THANKS mom! I looked for about 2-weeks for a big dollhouse for her and they are sold out everywhere. Finally on the day of her birthday I looked on KSL and found this one ONLY $50 brand new in box! So my mom drove to murray to get it for me :)

I put this together for 3 hours on MY birthday (which is the day after) and it was TOTALLY worth it....she LOVES it and it is taller than she is!

My sister is the best! She let me have the party at her house becuase it is a lot bigger and closer to everyone. She decoarted so cute and made these AWESOME crepe paper balls...SO CUTE!

The cake. Ok- so this was kinda thrown together pretty quick, but thanks again to my sister who did the fondant and most the decorating because I was not feeling well. Kylin LOVED it. Sorry all these pictures are so blurry.

Blowing out the big three!

I let Kylin look through about 5 different kinds of cakes and this is the one she chose for me to make. She is in love with all things princess.

My brother....awwww doesn't he look so cute :)

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Megan said...

Okay so, your 'thrown together' parties put my best planned ones to shame. Seriously. Anna would have been in HEAVEN at that party. So cute. Are those pom pom's hard to do? I have been eying Martha's for a while now, but haven't made them yet. And that cake! Did you guys REALLY make that? It is so cute. Happy Birthday Ky!

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Love her doll house & her cake. Wow I wish I could make a cake like that. I have to agree with Megan you "thrown together" party looks great!
Once again Sammi & Kylin would get along great. Sammi is SO into princesses.

Jenny said...

LOVE the dollhouse! Sooo fun...haha although I just showed it to my husband and said, "look how cute that is honey, she got it on ksl new in the box for 50 bucks!" which he replied, "geez, what dad didn't love his little girl enough to ever put it together and then sell it?" Ahhhh guys... LOL

What a darling party and I love the crowns...ha what a good brother to sport the crown. :)

Kim said...

Ky is a doll! So glad you found a house for her! Yay! Jon...what can I say about our brother? Are we sure he is not um... nevermind! LOL! :) Love ya Kel!

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