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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My friend Erica, who has a wonderful Blog called Celebrating Today, mentioned this book called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. It sounds so wonderful to me! And I am going to follow Gretchen's happiness challenge through her blog and probably purchase the book also. I wish I has started at the beginning of the year :) I am going to be putting her weekly challenge on the side of my blog every week for any of you want to follow and do it too. Here is the link to her Happiness Blog. We can all use a little more happiness and self improvement right?! So, here is a quote from her book and summary if you are interested:

"I always figured I'd eventually stop twisting my hair and wearing running shoes all the time. I'd remember my friends' birthdays. I wouldn't let my daughter watch TV during breakfast. I'd spend more time laughing and having fun. I'd be more polite. Then, one April day, on a morning just like every other morning, I had a sudden realization: I was in danger of wasting my life. I was that the years were slipping by. 'What do I want from life, anyway?' I asked myself. 'Well...I want to be happy.' But I'd never thought about what made me happy or how I might be happier."


What if you could change your life without really changing your life? On the outside, Gretchen Rubin had it all—a good marriage, healthy children and a successful career— but she knew something was missing. Determined to end that nagging feeling, she set out on a year-long quest to learn how to better enjoy the life she already had.
Each month, Gretchen pursued a different set of resolutions—go to sleep earlier, tackle a nagging task, bring people together, take time to be silly—along with dozens of other goals. She read everything from classical philosophy to cutting-edge scientific studies, from Winston Churchill to Oprah, developing her own definition of happiness and a plan for how to achieve it. She kept track of which resolutions worked and which didn’t, sharing her stories and collecting those of others through her blog (created to fulfill one of March’s resolutions). Bit by bit, she began to appreciate and amplify the happiness in her life.
The Happiness Project is the engaging, relatable and inspiring result of the author’s twelve-month adventure in becoming a happier person. Written with a wicked sense of humour and sharp insight, Gretchen Rubin’s story will inspire readers to embrace the pleasure in their lives and remind them how to have fun.

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