Santa Monica Pier

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It was a BEAUTIFUL day...68 degrees, so we went to Santa Monica. This is Kylin eating cotton candy on the pier. We are so mean and didn't let the kids ride anything since we were going to Disneyland the next day.

This pretty funnel cake is one of the MANY reasons I seriously (no joke) gained 8 lbs. on our trip
Piper looked like such a diva in her sunglasses :)


Kylin played with Mckay in the sand for a few minutes, but she is ALL about the Ocean. That girl loves the sea! Mckay is content to just play in the sand, probably because of his traumatic experience last year. hehe.

Despite her holding up her dress, she was HUGE WET mess by the end. I didn't care one bit though, because she had so much fun and it was great to watch.

Mckay sat and collected sea shells to bring home. He got some really pretty ones that he was proud of.

5 Say What's:

Jenny said...

LOVE the pics...totally jealous of your trip and the nice beach day...sigh.

Megan said...

Mmmm. Funnel cake. I don't think I have had any since that last time I was on that pier - almost 5 years ago. I think I need to remedy that! And Anna refuses to pee on anything but the toilet. I have tried to teach her to hover or squat but she wants nothing to do with it. And frankly, I don't blamer her ;)

Adam and Ady said...

Me again...Leah's friend :) I still peek at your blog and love it :) How did you get your colors so clean and blue on the beach pictures? They look amazing! I have taken beach pictures before...and they don't look nearly that good. TIPS!?!? :)

Adam and Ady said...

and...what kind of flash do you use? like in the princess pictures?

Natasha said...

Great great pictures as always!!!

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