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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We have been busy here getting in the Christmas spirit....

We did not want to wait in the huge cold line at Christmas Village so I took the kids to Santa at the mall today. MUCH better because there was no line, it was free and Santa was so sweet and wonderful to my kids and spent a lot of time with each of them.

Mckay was the most excited, he ran right up there and hopped on his lap...all smiles!

Kylin cracked me up because she told Santa EVERYTHING she wanted and he sat there patiently and listened to her tell him all about all the Rapunzel toys, hair, dolls and dresses she wanted.
And this is totally what I expected of my Pip. Ornery little thing! I was laughing so hard as Santa tried to hold onto her as she turned into a dead fish!


Usually we go to temple square to see the lights, but since Craig gets off so late every night it makes it really hard. So we went to Ogden's Christmas Village instead. It was a lot of fun and the lights were BEAUTIFUL! It was great because even Sheila and Mike got to come.

Mckay LOVES everything about birds, so when I saw this display we had to take a picture :)
Piper was so good wrapped up in Grandmas's coat. She was happy as could be.

The kids has so much fun with Mike. They could have run around him all night. I think it is funny that my kids are in heavy duty snow pants and gear and Mike is in shorts. I hope you are all feeling Christmasy because we sure are!

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Jenny said...

piper's santa reaction is classic. that's how addie was when she was that age too. good call on the christmas village...we actually had a MUCH better time there than at temple square! it's much more kid-centric too. looks like some holiday fun!

Kristin Bishop said...

Hey! Where did you buy the cute borders around the pictures?!? Sweet shoppe? What is the name....will you please tell me?!? It is darling of course! LIke always. YOu never cease to amaze.

Also...did you just to a cutting mask to make them fit the border shape??? Thanks!

Megan said...

I love Pip's reaction. Classic. I also loved that they wore their Christmas outfits to see Santa. Such a Kelly thing to do (meaning cute). Merry Christmas!

Leah said...

Cute pics of the kids with Santa. How did you get great pictures at Christmas Village in Ogden? When I use my flash the lights dont show up and when I dont use the flash, you cant see anyone and its blurry!


Way cute pictures of all your kids, including your hubby and you!
I was wondering about the borders of your picture frame too! If you could please tell that would be wonderful!!!!!!
PS.Hope this means we will see some of your adorable scrap pages soooon!

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