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Monday, February 7, 2011

So, I know I haven't posted in a while, I have been so busy trying to get all done editing all my clients photo sessions. But, I saw these really cute ideas on one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook and since Valentines Day is coming up I thought I would share....they are pretty cute and I am defiantly going to try a few for my Craig :)

  1. Give your guy a 10 second kiss every day this week when he comes home from work. See the difference it makes!
  2. Pamper your guy with a nice warm bath. Lots of bubbles too. Have the lights turned off and a candle or two lit. Bring in your iPod home or any other musical device and play some soft music. Take him by the hand and lead him into the bathroom. If you can both fit into the tub ... it's even better ;) If not, take turns ... then give him a soothing massage when you're done.
  3. Send him on a present hunt. Begin with note #1 on his pillow. The note should include something you like about him and instructions to find the next clue, and so on. End up at your mailbox and have a present in it. It doesn't have to be anything expensive. Your thoughtfulness will be enough to show him that you love him.
  4. This week for your Friday night date cook a meal together. You might try a new recipe you've never tried. Set the mood by already having the table nicely spread with tablecloth, napkins, dishes and silverware. Ahead of time buy your guy a new book by one of his favorite authors and present it to him after the meal is over. Then tell him to relax with his book on the couch while you clear away the dishes.
  5. Go for a drive with your honey along some scenic route you like. Bring along your favorite CDs and listen as you drive and catch up on the day or week's happenings
  6. Rent an old movie and watch it together with popcorn and your favorite soda on a mattress you've put on the floor. Cuddle under a warm blanket and have a sleepover in your living room when it's over.7
  7. Begin each day with the words "I love you" whispered to your guy while you're still in bed. It will set the tone for your entire day. End each day this week with the words "Thank You" whispered to him before you drift off to sleep.
  8. Another bath idea! Arrange a profusion of candles in the bathroom. Prepare a bubble bath. Play some nice romantic music. Pour two glasses of sparkling cider to toast away the cares of the day. Get into the tub and then call your guy, "Honey, I forgot my towel. Could you please bring it to me?" You'll have no problem keeping his undivided attention after that! :)
  9. Dedicate a song to your guy by calling a radio station that takes dedications. Make sure he's listening when they play it!
  10. Declare your man "king for the day", probably on Saturday when he is home. Begin the day with breakfast in bed (you could even pick up a king crown at Burger King and have him wear it) Pamper him with foods and activities that you know he will enjoy throughout the remainder of the day.
  11. Pack a late night picnic on a night when there's a full moon. Bring a blanket and some yummy treats and have an evening under the stars. *maybe when it gets a little warmer. hehe
  12. Get some glow in the dark stars and spell out "I Love you" on the ceiling...your message will be reveled when the lights go out.
I'm excited to do some of these. Now let's get lovin' on those boys!

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Emily said...

I just love Valentine's day - those are some great ideas!

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