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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woooh...I am still alive over here! haha. It has been a while since I have posted because i have been sooooo sick. But, with lots of antibiotics and sleep, I am finally on the mend. I thought I would show you some projects I have been working on around the house. Since joining pintrest, I have decided I need to post more of my projects because I always appreciate all those who post on their blogs and share their wonderful ideas with me. So here are a few of might not be everyones taste, but it's what I am liking for the moment :)


I was desperately trying to find someway to organize the playroom better. I found this bench at the DI for $20, painted it white, then I got a small board to fit the top of the bench from the Home Depot *they even cut it to the right dimensions for me* I got some foam from Joane's (with a 40% off coupon) and put it on top pf the board. Then I wrapped the fabric around the board and foam and staple gunned it to the under side. . I think that's a super easy way to reupholster a bench and now it is so comfy with the foam! I made the pillows and then labeled all the bins (got them from walmart for $5) with my vinyl machine, which makes it so much easier to keep clean now. I got the tall white book shelves from walmart too and now it looks pretty close to a built in window bench :)

The kids bring home so many cute things from school and I was trying to think of a way to display LOTS of their art. I saw the idea of chicken wire once and decided to get some HUGE frames (each 24x30 inches) from the DI for $5 and then spray painted them red. I bought some chicken wire from my local Cal Ranch store and then staple gunned the chicken wire to the back of the frame..can you tell I love me staple gun. hehe. Then I attached the two frames together with some twine. Now they each have a frame to display their art by using clothes pins. I think it is so cute!

The kids love to color at home too. I saw a really cute metal line you can buy from Ikea to diplay art, but it is $30. I don't have money to spend on something like that. So, I got some twine and ran it across the window and attached it to the wall with a nail and pulled it super tight. Now the kids can attach their new pictures that are drying or their favorites with some clothes pins.

They love their new playroom! Totally worth the work :)


I always have to be super organized. SO, I got some bulliton board squares from Walmart for $6 bucks I think. Then I cut them in half with an exacto knife, and wrapped them like a present with some cute fabric. I used masking tape to keep the fabric in place. I printed up Monday-Sunday tages and Now I have a rectangle for every day of the week to hang things i need, put reminders, tickets, or anything else I want. I am really loving it.

This is also in my office. I was bored with my wall, so I bought a bunch of cheap frames from the DI and sprayed them blue. Then I made this bunting line out of some fabric scraps from my board. I think it's fun and it makes me happy.


The end of the hallway by the kids room was just a dead zone, so I decided to make it useful. The kids always dump their bags and homework and I have a hard time finding it all. Soooo, here is a spot for them to hang their back packs, put their home work and keep everything "school" organized. Their is a chalk board for each of them for me to write reminders for them. It also has their piggy jar they are saving for Disneyland and "the fun jar".

I found some cute vintage fabric that I loved and got some embroidery hoops from the DI. I got an old doily and glued it to one, stitched cute buttons to another and cross stitched that yellow bird. I am loving vintage stuff right now.

The bird took forever! I haven't cross stitched since I was like 9 and forgot how long those silly things take. I did it every night while watching Tv with Craig. I love that it is a modern take on cross stitching. If you want a pattern, I got it from Martha Stewart HERE.

I made these cool bins to keep the kids folders and homework in. I got the wire netting from Cal Ranch too. I saw some of these in a pottery barn magazine that I loved, but they are like $50 a piece. So, I made some :) The tutorial is HERE. I made my measurements a little thinner so that it wouldn't stick out so far.

I got 3 cute knobs from Hobby Lobby and these wooded squares. I painted the squares yellow and then screwed them into the wall for the kids to hang their bags on.

I have some more things I have been working on, but they aren't quite done yet :) Hope you like some of these ideas.

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BensonFam said...

Holy moly Kel! I am so so soooooo amazed - love your playroom bench set up and the homework area especially.

heather said...

super cute! love it all girl. come decorate my house! we've been in our place for 7 months and it is still boring and barren! you manage to decorate EVERY SINGLE place you live cute! i need to get my butt in gear!

heather said...

super cute! love it all girl. come decorate my house! we've been in our place for 7 months and it is still boring and barren! you manage to decorate EVERY SINGLE place you live cute! i need to get my butt in gear!

Whiteley Family said...

how fun! I wish I was as creative!

Ben and Camille said...

super duper cute! love your ideas!

Susana said...

cute ideas ....thanks for sharing...

Jenny said...

i'm exhausted just looking at all that work, and i wasn't the one doing them all :) very fun and creative.

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