I hate snow....except for today!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today was such a fun day for me and the kiddos! Instead of doing all the Saturday chores that we should have done,  we spent all day outside in the fresh new snow. If you know me, you know how much I hate snow and to be cold! So, ME spending all day outside is something to document right there. haha. The kids and I had so much fun sledding, building a snowman and just playing in the snow....all in our front yard.

piper had a lot of fun just stomping around through the snow! She could barely see with ky's cute owl hat covering her eyes, but she was so insistent on wearing it. I need to get one for her from my friend Camille.

She had fun until she fell down and realized she couldn't get up without having to touch the snow. haha. She just sat and said, "it cold mama....help me"

The only thing ky wanted to do was sled, she was too cold to stay outside for long. I didn't blame her because since we are not really winter people, we don't have any winter clothes, gear or toys. Their snow pants are from 2 years ago, so their regular pants peek out the bottom....they don't have matching gloves.....and NO snow boots.  Since we don't have any sleds, I got the top to my storage container and Kylin had fun trying to snow board on it, but it wasn't sliding very well. Then I had an idea....

I put garbage bag over it so it would be slippery! If you are sitting there thinking, "Is she really that getto?" The answer, unfortunately is YES. 

 Mckay thought I was pretty crazy, but to his surprise, it worked really well! I am sure all my neighbors are looking at me wondering why this crazy woman moved in to bring down the neighborhood. haha

This is the part where I wish I had a photographer following me around and capturing my memories, because it was so fun building this snowman with my kids, but I had no one to take pictures of it! All 4 of us walking around pushing a snowball and patting it over and over again. SO CUTE!!! After a while, The girls went in, but Mckay and I were determined to finish it.

Tada! our finished snowman named frosty....how original :)  I guess Slumberger needs more FREE workers so now they are building them from snow. haha.
ps. Updating this blog for me is going to be more important than ever now because my ENTIRE family has moved or will be moving in the next month. My parents and Jake moved to W. Virginia, Shanon Moved to Hawaii, Kim & Ryan are moving to Georgia, and Jon is in Afghanistan  :(  and craziest of all, my own husband pretty much lives in Texas  *which we might be moving to a little ways down the road. At least I have all my in-laws here still :)

So, I think this blog is a great way of being able to show what our family is up to and I am going to try my hardest to keep it updated!  It's so crazy how we all lived in the state together for years and years and took if for granted and now within a 2 month period EVERYONE is moving! Miss you guys...

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Kim said...

i am not gone yet....if my kiddos would just please cooperate and stop getting sick...hahaha who am i kidding? that is my life! anyway - then we could get together and do some things before i leave. and yes...we all (hear me Janna?) all need to stay bloggin'! And as far as bringing down the neighborhood - didn't see any of them out there spending time with their kids and enjoying the sunshine. So I think you are bringing it up!

Megan said...

You think the slide is ghetto? I say it is freaking genius! And I hate buying WInter gear for both my kids only to have them use them like 2x. So I feel ya on that one.

I can't believe your whole family is moving away. Well, I can, since your family is ALWAYS moving, but still. That is crazy for you!

Jenny said...

We loved it too! Addie told me as soon as she woke up, it snowed mom! She'd been wanting snow for a month. I don't like snow either, but it makes for some good playing outside time, which we've desperately needed since its gotten cold out!

Unknown said...

Taya has a cute owl hat like that too! I love 'em :) Sure looks like snowy fun! Hope you guys are doing well :)

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