Piper's 3rd Birthday Party

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Well, for those of you who follow me on instagram, you know that Pip and I were sick for her birthday. We tried as hard as possible to make it a fun day anyways. I think she still had a lot of fun even if she was not feeling 100%.

Anyway, I am sure you will be able to guess after seeing these pictures, but Piper is obsesses with 2 things..."My Little Ponies" and "Princesses"! She picked "My Little Ponies" as her birthday party theme. We didn't do much since it was just our little family and I was feeling super sick. But, I wanted her to feel special and know it was her big day. We of course started with breakfast in bed.

Somehow, she almost always seems to end up on her pillow bed in our room. I think she is still getting used to her new room and gets scared. So, it was a chocolate donut in mommy and daddy's bed. That's daddys side of the bed. hehe.

Then she got to open her present from Grandma Stanford and she got the one princess dress she doesn't have...."Brave" and of course she instantly stripped down and changed.

 It was fun watching her come down stairs in the morning and see her so excited about her decorations. Her favorite was her GIANT pony balloon. She carried it around the entire day. She better love it because the thing was $10 and I had to run around to 2 different stores to find helium for it because there is a helium shortage. That smile is worth it though :)

 Then after daddy got home, it was present opening time. I have to say that I have the WORST light in my dinning room. I need to change the florescent bulbs and get some lamps. But at least I got some pictures.

 She got "My little Pony" toys. Rainbow dash is her favorite :) and her big present was a...

NEW BIKE. I am not sure who was more excited, Kylin or Piper! haha

 She looks so big!
 Then we had her party. She wanted "wacaroni" (macaroni and cheese) for her dinner and she LOVES going to frozen yogurt places, so we decided to have an ice cream bar with all kids of toppings.

 I didnt have the energy to make a cake and we are more of a cupcake family anyways. So I made cupcakes with the whole gang on top. *I totally forgot to the put the sprinkles on...oh well!

 All pips favorite toppings

 And her "Rainbow Dash" cupcake. Craig was so cute and got her special star candles to match. He sure does love his little girl and she has him wrapped around her finger.
 She loved it!

 YUM! I think she had more candy than ice cream!

I hope that she had a great birthday. We are so lucky to have you as apart of our family Piper!

4 Say What's:

Justin leon said...

She is looking like a princess. And you did a fantastic job at your kids birthday party Boca Raton . Decoration is too good.

Natasha said...

What a GREAT celebration!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

What a cute little party! Even if it was just for your little family--the decorations and food look amazing! You are always so creative. :)

Jeremy and Chari Gallup said...

Where did you get your cupcake toppers?? My daughter wants a My Little Pony birthday party and those are super cute!

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