Cozamel and Our Last Days...

Friday, March 1, 2013

The next day we woke up to see our ship docked in Cozumel Mexico, we were able to pull right up to the dock instead of having to be brought in by water taxi. So, we ate a quick breakfast and walked right off the boat into Cozumel. We knew that we wanted a relaxing day on the beach. We just weren't sure which one, and we didn't want to pay for a ship excursion to go to the beach because they were $50 a person. So, we walked up to the nearest cab and asked the driver to take us to the best beach within 10 miles. Where we ended up was pretty much paradise, which actually was the name of the beach. When we walked in, it was so nice that Craig and I said, "Can we afford this place"? But, for our entire family to use the amazing pool and the beach was only $50. The beach had kayaks, water trampolines, water slides, water get the point. haha. All things water! We got our own umbrella chairs and sat and drank pina coladas and had the BEST day ever. Of the entire trip, this actually was my favorite.  It was so chill and just perfectly relaxing.

We started out at the pool...
 And then headed down to the beach...
 Did some water trampoline...
 Then some giant blow up slides...

 Then it was to the beach for some R&R.

 Then we headed back to the pool.
 I was really glad that we bought goggles for the kids this trip. They had a lot of fun with them.

 This picture cracks me up of pip! And I love kylin's super prune finger :) Normally the kids only swim for about a 1/2 hour because they have no meat on their bones and they get cold. Here, they swam ALL day because it was warm and just perfect.
 It was so nice to be able to sit and eat food in the pool!  The service was amazing! A waiter came to us in the pool, got our order, and brought it out to us...we didn't have to move. I always eat food at home in the bath. How did they know!? haha. Btw, those nachos were probably the best thing I ever ate.
 We stayed there all day and by the end, we were all pruney and completely content :)
We went shopping for a 1/2 hour so I could do some haggling and I got a couple pretty salsa bowls. They we headed back to our ship.
 Back on the boat we ate some dinner and the only kid that made it through the meal was Mckay. Kylin and Pip were out in about 5 minutes.
The girls woke up in time for an awesome show that was like a modern day Peter Pan, really really cool 2nd favorite. After the show, we headed off to bed.

The last day of our cruise was Kylin's 6th birthday! We were headed back to Texas, so we were on the boat at sea all day.We went to a towel folding class, watched "Wreck it Ralph" in the theater, let the kids play at the club for a while, then went to a family friendly comedy and magic show that the kids LOVED.

The day started out with breakfast in bed for the birthday girl:
 and a few presents
 The kids learned how to fold a bunch of different animals at the towel folding class. They were able to come home and teach their friends how to do elephants, dogs and monkey's.

 Just hanging out on the boat.
Do you all notice how often Piper changes her clothes...pretty much every time we make a stop at the room.

Dinner that night was at my favorite restaurant, "Lumiere's" like the candlestick on Beauty and the Beast.
 I guess falling asleep at dinner became a regular thing by the end of the cruise. I didn't think that 5:30 dinner was that late. haha.
 Our waitresses and head of dinning came and sang happy birthday to Kylin...
...and brought her out a special cake.
 We LOVE Supatcha our waitress.
 She made piper a little paper towel rose that she loved. Piper carried it around all night.
 That night we said goodbye to our waitress team. They were so amazing and we became good friends, it was hard to say goodbye.
 After dinner they had a goodbye parade. All the characters came down and the kids got to get pictures and say goodbye.

Pip was a little ornery because she got woke up. Peter Pan saw our little Tinkerbell in distress and came over and made her happy.  So sweet.

After the farewell party we headed off to bed. We would get up and leave the ship at 9am the next morning. It was the best vacation we have ever taken and it was amazing to be able to do something like this as a family. I feel so blessed and the memories we made are priceless.

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Sophielou said...

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Amy said...

I'm totally jealous of your cruise vacation! It looks like so much fun!

Stacie said...

LOVED reading about all this! Looks like such a magical time!!!

Natasha said...

Your kids grow way too fast =))) bet it seems even faster for you =)))))
The pictures are fantastic as always!!!! Love them!!! Sooooo much fun!! =))))

Kim said...

best vaca ever from the looks of it! great memories made!

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