Maleficent. A Bat. A Police Officer...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gone are the days of getting my kids to match for Halloween. Now, they all have an opinion and want to choose their own costumes. I guess it is ok, since no matter what they wear they are so dang cute :)
My totally fierce Maleficent...this might be my favorite picture of her EVER.
The horns were pretty fun to make. Just shaped some aluminum foil into horn and wrapper them with fabric. Then I glued the horns to a headband with faux leather front flap.

 Piper has a HUGE obsession with bats right now, so of course this costume was a given.  She already had the wings, since she pretty much wears them every day at home. I am thankful there was no broken arms this Halloween :)

 And Mckay is obsessed with mustaches at the moment :) So a cop seemed to be the perfect option.

Happy Halloween!

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