Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday for F.H.E. with the Bowcut family. They had a huge selection and it is always a lot of fun to pick out our pumpkins. Mckay was more interested in playing around then really picking a pumpkin...he probably won't want to pull out all the guts either. I can't wait to carve them.
Me and the stinker-roo...not the best lighting but, what do you do. :) Look at the funny face Kylin is making!

Kylin wanted to crawl all over the place and get on all the pumpkins

Mckay always loves the funny looking pumpkins!

If you all are thinking I take more pictures of Kylin than Mckay, you are right. Mckay is SO HARD to take pictures of...Kylin will just look at me and usually I can get a smile out of her.

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Chelsea said...

how fun! i have been feeling like such a dork because i got so excited when i saw pumpkins at walmart i hurried and bought them...totally not fun like going to the patch and picking out just the right ones. glad you could have the "experience" :)

Kim said...

I think all the pics turned out great! We had such a fun time - hope you guys did too. Love ya!

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