The "Routine"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Every morning after breakfast, we all take a walk together. Even though now it is SO COLD outside. I think it said that it was 25 degrees today. Still, it isn't going to mess up our routine. Plus, the dog really needs to get out and the kids love it. Kylin sits there kicking her legs like crazy cause she is so excited. Mckay likes to get out and run with the dog till she knocks him over.

I promise...she really was having fun :)

They are little marshmallows all bundled up. Kind of reminds me of "The Christmas Story" where the kid can't even put his arms down.

An ordinary bench

I have been "itching" to do some photography lately. So, i decided I would bring my camera and see what I could find.

This is a dog path that is by our house and goes in a big loop. I just love how all you see is the bench and the mountain. It is pretty even though it is such a gloomy and dark day.

2 Say What's:

Chelsea said... are a photographer if you just made that bench look so good:) fun pictures!!!

Megan said...

You are very talented with the camera. I used to be so good with walking outside with Anna, but now I am afraid because it is getting so cold. I will just have to bundle her up like your kids. P.S. Anna has a coat just like Kylin's...what great taste you have :)

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