Almost One

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I know I post a lot but, it is because this is like a journal for me. Well, Kylin is going to be One-years old in 2-days! I can't believe how fast it has gone by!

Here are some of the things she is doing:
- Walking....almost running now
- Drinking real milk and juice from a sippy cup
- eating EVERYTHING but, she has to feed herself
- Crawling up the stairs...not so great at coming down
- Saying "mama, dada, baba" (bottle)

Some things she Loves are:
- Reading
- Playing in the toilet
- Taking baths with Mckay
- Playing in the curtains
- Emptying drawers and cupboards and playing in them
- hanging upside down
- Wrestling
- Peek-a-boo

She is such a busy girl! I had some lady the other day ask me, "Is she always like that?" I said, "Yeah, she is just really busy and can't hold still for a second." I love my baby girl so much and wish she could stay little forever. I love her spunky personality and the joy she brings to our family!

ps. you can click the picture if you want to see it bigger

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BensonFam said...

Kelley - she is seriously so beautiful! Isn't it so fun (and a little sad sometimes...) to see them grow? I registered Olivia for kindergarten today (Ahhh!!) and wanted to cry!

Megan said...

She is a doll! Her and Annabelle are exactly one month apart. They should be best friends, especially since their moms have the same great taste in clothing (Anna has the same shirt as Kylin in that pic). I am starting to think their closets might be identical! I still haven't done Anna's one year pics and lookin at this really makes me want to make that trip to Ogden to use your skills.

Chelsea said...

oh my heck...she look SO adorable!!!

Dana said...

OH! She is just SOOO CUTE! I love this picture Kelley. I also love those adorable leg warmers (or whatever you call them...)! She just looks like so much fun.

Kristin Bishop said...

I am a friend of chelsea's and I was wondering if you woudl tell me what kind of a camera you have? I am doing research because I would love to get areally nice one that I can take pictures of my kids and blow up huge. I am not that great at photography but I would love to learn. What kind is yours? What kind do you recommend? Thanks a bunch! Kristin BIshop

Amy said...

She sounds like she is quite a lot like Susie! Gotta love the spunky adventurous personality! Happy Birthday to you too--on the 18th! Hope you have a great one!

Nayt said...

I think i only approve of the Weakerthans song. :P

its good to keep up with you guys, since craig never calls me back.


10zfam said...

she is so adorable. she looks just like you. i hate how fast they grow up. it's fun to see what new things they do but hard to see them get so independant

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