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Friday, January 18, 2008

My baby girl is now one! I can't believe it. Well, we threw her a big party with all of our families. Great-Grandmas, Grandmas, Grandpas, cousins, aunts & uncles. Kylin had so much fun and knew the party was all about her. She kept spinning in circles and attacking everyone. Thanks everyone who came and celebrated with us! And thanks to everyone who remembered and wished me a Happy Birthday...which, is today. Much better birthday this year so far than last...lots less pain :) She was so excited about her party!
The party outfit. I made this Tutu for her so she would match her party. She LOVED it and kept twirling around in it and laughing. Totally worth the hour to make it. What a princess!

Everyone was excited to see her eat the cake. She didn't care about blowing out the candle...she just wanted to eat it. So Mckay blew it out for her.
But, she did love eating it.

Half of ended up on the floor cause she is a really messy eater.
Yummm....She really did like it I promise.

This was her present we gave her earlier in the day. She has so much fun playing with it. I guess it was a tutu kind of day.

Her first doll, she was excited and kept sticking her fingers in its mouth and poking its eyes.
"Heavy heavy hang over they poor head, what do you wish with a bonk on the head" then you hit the person on the head with their present. And they have to wish the person something before they can open their present. It is a Howe family tradition. I thought it was a little weird when I first married Craig. But, I love it now and it's lots of fun! We will always do it for Birthdays.

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Megan said...

Do you have the same fetish for pink and brown that I do? My mom threw me a baby shower all pink and brown, my diaper bag is pink and brown and so are a lot of Anna's clothes. I am glad that she had a good time and actually ate her cake...I am jealous cause Anna wouldn't touch hers. And I was going to ask you about your birthday last year - I bet that wasn't the funnest way to spend it but you got a pretty good present out of it :) Happy Birthday again today! You are getting old ;)
P.S. Anna has the same bib Kylin is wearing in those pics. Haha.

Dana said...

I remember "Heavy, heavy hang over" also! Good memories. Glad you joined in the tradition! :) Very cute tutu. I hope someday I can have a girl and do cutsy stuff too!


Chelsea said...

Happy BIRTHDAY to both of you!?! you really share it? that is so cute!!! she was a darling birthday girl- how fun!

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