New Car Seat

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I almost forgot. We got Ky a new car seat right after her birthday. Thanks to everyone who gave us money for her birthday so we could get one. She LOVES it. She never crys anymore like she did with her other one. It is fun to turn around and be able to see her. She always gives us the biggest smile. And, yes I think I really do have an OBSESSION with pink & brown :)

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Megan said...

That car seat is so stinkin cute! (So is your daughter) Where did you get it? I am jealous you get to turn her around. Anna still hasn't hit the 20lb mark yet. But we are getting closer and it will be a happy day for all of us when she gets to be facing forward. I share your obsession, so its all good :) My mom found these the other day and called me immediatly cause she knew I would love them and have to get them for Anna

Dana said...

Okay, so EVERY time I see how absolutely ADORABLE Ky is, I get so jealous over the cute, fun, girly stuff! Thanks A LOT for making me baby hungry! ;)

Chelsea said...

she looks DARLING in that new carseat! My girls started being SO much nicer in the car once they got to turn around! I'm sure most kids are that way:)

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