Our Typical, Always Random, Week

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I thought it might be kind of fun to take pictures and write down what a week is like in our home, so that I can remember. We have the weirdest most random lives and kids :)

MONDAY: Family Home Evening. We had pizza is our living room on a sheet and watched the Sponge Bob movie. My family always used to do this as kids. Mckay and Kylin had a lots of fun. And Craig doesn't care where we eat pizza as long as it is pizza and his beloved Ranch dressing.
TUESDAY: I am sure you all know what a silly kid Mckay can be.This is him wearing his daddy's hat and watching Little Einsteins in his underwear of course. We can't keep clothes on the kid. Something we will defiantly have to practice for preschool.

WEDNESDAY: Who says you can't have cake for breakfast. That way you have the rest of the day to burn of those calories and use the carbs right? Well we had so much cake left over from 2 birthdays that we decided a little cake for breakfast won't hurt. I am such a bad mom!

THURSDAY: This is a little project the kids helped me with. Mckay needed a stool so he could wash his hands in the sink. It was kind of a mess painting their feet but, they thought it was really fun and were really proud of it when it was all done.

FRIDAY: We can't ever leave anything down or it ends up scattered all over the house. She thought it was the funniest thing ever and ate pretty much all the chips off the ground. At least it is better than the Doritos that Mckay did when he was little....that was SO hard to get out of the carpet.

SATURDAY: "One little monkey jumping on the bed" But, he didn't fall off and break his head. Mckay loves jumping on his bed. Plus, I needed to practice with my the flash I got for my camera. So he was my little guinea pig. Man, was he tired by the end. But, I figured out how to bounce my flash off the walls so that there is no shadow behind him.


4 Say What's:

Dana said...

Looks like you had a week of excitement! :) I loved that little stool, what a cute idea!

Chelsea said...

what a fun little week you had! I love the stool idea- and we need to talk about the flash you got:) and where have you been the last few weeks lady??? :)

Megan said...

I bet you go to bed at night just pooped from keeping up with your kids. There is a reason God made them so cute :) Maybe Ross and Craig should get together and have a Ranch party cause he puts that stuff on the weirdest things, but his favorite is pizza too.
P.S. Actually this Friday would probably be the best for me. Would that work for you?

Leah said...

Sounds like a fun week! I love the pictures of Mckay jumping on the bed! He can jump pretty high!

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