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Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, I have to show you all what a great mommy I am. It is actually pretty embarrising, but funny, so I thought I would share. Ok, so we go to my parents or craig's parents house every sunday for dinner. We were in a rush on Sunday to get to my little brothers ordination & I totally forgot to grab the diaper bag. Well, Kylin pooped her diaper while we were at my parents house. And I didn't want her to sit in it for the next 4-hours, so my parents came up with this idea. Yes, it is a dish towel & duct tape. I say they get points for creativity. Thank goodness they had a camera. She did not think it was half as funny as we did. It was a good and great till she piddled. Thank goodness no one was holding her at the time. haha. So I win the award for the greatest mom ever!

What a good daddy Craig is, thank goodness she didn't pee on him :)

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Megan said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I almost ran out of wipes when we were in St. George this weekend and I was thinking, "it would be a lot easier to use a make-shift wipe than trying to get a make-shift diaper." I thought I would have to use a dish towel as well. Good to know it actually works - well, sort of I guess :)

Kim said...

That is very creative - poor Ky though! Looks like she wasnt thrilled by the idea. I have been in that situation before too- always ALWAYS keep spares in your car and at Grandmas too. And you are not a bad mommy...

Leah said...

Never a dull moment for the Howe's!
That is so funny. I actually left the diaper bag at home on Sunday and poor Kate had 2 blowouts at church! So....I passed her to chris and had to run home to get the bag. (She was wearing her "blow-out dress" never fails. I need to stop putting that dress on her!)
Anyway, it happens to everyone. Although, I will use the dish towel if I am stranded without a diaper. I do know how to make baby wipes from paper towels and baby wash if you are interested :) (Im serious, they are great!)

BensonFam said...

Such a sweet picture! There's just something about daddies and their baby girls. Cameron is great with Caleb and it's very sweet to see them hangin together, but I remember just melting whenever he would snuggle with Olivia as a baby. (Actually he still does. And I still do!)

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