Saturday, February 9, 2008

OK, I cannot believe that I am posting this picture but, I promised Kim I would so that she could see them. I got braces 2 days ago, and man are they painful right now. I knew that they would be, but it is so weird having these big metal things in my mouth and it is scraping up my lips and my jaw is just so sore. I can't eat anything. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about, so you can sympathise. Besides being painful, now I really do look like I am 12. People always tell me I look so young...way too young to have 2 kids. So, now I have the entire package of hottiness...Braces, reading glasses, and freckles. Craig is such a lucky guy to have me. haha.

Ok, but seriously I am very grateful to have braces even if I look so silly. I needed to get them cause my jaw is all messed up plus, it will be nice to have great beautimeous teeth. It will all be worth it. I just hope the 18-months goes by fast. I wish that I had been able to go to Allreds ( I would have got to see you your dad would have done an AWESOME job) but, all my brothers and sisters got theirs done at we got a family discount :) Thanks so much dad & mom for your help . I am sure he will do a great job too. I am just grateful to get them. Anyway, here is the picture I promised...I just need to learn to smile without my teeth now :)

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Amy said...

First of all, your page is super cute! You'll have to show me how to do that sometime! Also, congrats on the braces! You were around me during my glory days with braces. You look atleast 100 times better than I ever did with braces! Congrats on this new stage in your life! I can't even imagine going through that again! You're brave!

BensonFam said...

you are too cute kel. i had my braces on through junior high (the ugliest of all awkward phases) and they were on for FIVE YEARS!

Megan said...

Oh Kelley! You can hardly even tell you have braces and I don't know how your smile could get any better after these. I think it's gorgous. Good luck - and I am glad you were able to score a deal. I got mine on the day before Thanksgiving and I was so sad I could only eat mashed potatoes for the big day.

Dana said...

Kelley, you look adorable! :) I don't think braces could ever taint that. Sorry it didn't work out at "Dr. Allred's", I actually saw you on the schedule for records and got all excited that you were going through with it...but I'm happy for you that you can get everything fixed. That's the important thing. :) No hard feelings. It will be so worth it, hang in there! Craig IS a lucky man! (And I mean that!) :)

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