Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey ya’ll, I have been tagged by my friend Megan.

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. B: Each player answers the questions about themselves. C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Ok, so here goes…. Don’t get too bored with my super exciting self :)

10 years ago today...

I was 16 years old. I had just moved here from Washington State and was trying to make new friends. I was taking drivers Ed, which I really SUCKED at. I had to bribe Mr. Green to let me pass by bringing him cookies. I had just started dating. WAHOO. Man, did I like boys. I went to my first dance with this senior guy and thought I was so cool. Got my first kiss from a guy I REALLY didn’t like. Met one of my best friends, Leah, and was just having loads of fun. I, unlike most people, really liked high school.

5 things on my to-do list today:

- Clean my house of course
- Read to my kiddos
- Play World of Warcraft with Craig and get my chick to level 55
- Make dinner..I like to bake much better than I like cooking.
- Edit and proof some of my photography sessions.

I enjoy:

Photography of course. I can’t get enough of studying and reading about it and trying new techniques…. I am a sponge. I LOVE Photoshop. For Christmas Craig got me a 15 hour advanced training DVD on photoshop…and I loved it. How nerdy am I. I can’t get enough of hanging out with my kids and laughing at all the silly crazy things they do. Hearing them laugh and seeing them play together is the best thing in the world. Or hearing Mckay tell me he loves me and “doesn’t want to miss me”, when I go to the store. I love the outdoors, I wish I could just travel all over the world and take pictures and try new foods. I also love sports and scrapbooking.

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?

Get out of debt, buy a beautiful house with nice furniture, get a new SUV, buy both our parents nice houses and cars, invest lots, save money for kids college, travel, open up a photography studio, and buy lots of cute clothes for my kids and I.

3 of my bad habits:

- Messing around on the computer. I love blogging, It makes me feel like I get out into the real world and have a life or something. Sometimes I will get on the computer just to check my email and an hour has gone by! I don’t even realize I have been just screwing around.

- Sweets. I LOVE to bake and so there is always treats around that I have made. Well, craig doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth so, of course I can’t let it go to waste and I will eat it all. Sometimes over the course of a few days I will eat an entire cake! AHHH.

- I hate folding and putting away laundry…so I put it off. Then instead of just a small load to fold, I have saved up 4 loads and have to sit and fold and put away for an hour! I hate it. I need to get in the habit of doing it everyday.

5 places I have lived:


5 jobs I have had:

- Papa Murphy’s Pizza

-Utah State University (I was an administrative assistant to President of facilties). This sounds like a resume. hehe.

-Transportation Alliance Bank –I got to talk to truckers all day and have them hit on me and tell me they could “show me a good time” plus, my boss got fired for sexual harassing me everyday (I wasn’t the only one) So, yeah great work environment.

- Ulrich & Associates (an accounting firm) I was their designated computer nerd and Receptionist.

-Mommy and Photographer…Best job ever!

5 things people don't know about me:

- I LOVE to throw parties. I love planning them and putting them all together. Everyone thinks I am crazy cause I plan these huge birthday oarties for my kids with all the coordinating stuff. But, I think it is fun.

- I LOVE to snuggle. I am such a snuggler that I can’t fall asleep unless I am snuggling with Craig. I remember last year when he went on a camping trip with “the guys” for 3 days, I called him every night and he didn’t get any phone service. I told him I couldn’t sleep and whined and whined. He has about 15 messages when he finally could get service.

- I don’t like to be alone. I am not scared (well I am scared of the dark). But, I guess I just always need someone around to entertain me and talk to me. I know I sound so needy and high maintenance right now. I just feel like everything is more fun when you do it with someone else.

-I love to dress up my kids. I think that Kylin had way more clothes than I do. They are like my little dolls, which is funny cause I really hated dolls when I was little and was the HUGEST tom boy ever. I am trying so hard to make Ky and girlie girl and I dress Mckay up and within an hour he ends up naked again.

-I am a big time perfectionist and organization freak. It drives Craig crazy sometimes and he calls me O.C.D cause everything has to be in its perfect place…not even moved an inch. Or when I do my photography or scrapbooking, something will bug me and I’ll ask craig and he doesn’t even notice it. Or a tiny scratch or stain on something will just drive me insane! I could go on and on…man I have problems.

I tag- Stacie, Leah, and Kim

6 Say What's:

Leah said...

You know what? I think you and me are so much alike...I could just copy and paste this "tag" onto my blog! No wonder we are such good friends :)

Kristin Bishop said...

Sorry, me again! I'm so glad you don't mind answering questions. What kind of photoshop do you have? What is the difference between CS2 or CS3...8.0 or 9.0? I have been looking online for the software and I have no idea what to look for...and man alive is it expensive! Did you really pay almost 700 bucks for the software? Do you have any tips or advice about where to look for it, or what version is just wonderful? Is the software hard to use. My e-mail is Kristinbishop@hotmail.com if you'd rather answer me there! I appreciate it. thanks so much!

Kristin Bishop said...

Me again. I forgot I had one more question. I was looking for that book "understanding exposure" and there are two with that name by that man. Does it have a little boy and a bird on the cover...or does it have a house? Also-I am thinking about the rebel XTI. It comes in a package with a 18-55 mm lens or a package with the 18-55 mm and a 75-300 mm lens I think? What does each of these lenses do....and is the second one really necessary? Like I said...you might want to e-mail me. I am picking your brain...I AM SO SORRY! Maybe you could e-mail me your phone number and I could get all my questions out at once! THANKS AGAIN!

Megan said...

That was a good read. You didn't mention your job at the dry cleaners. I think I spent so much time there with you, I should have just started working there myself. Kidding. And being OCD is fine, or so I keep telling myself.

Chelsea said...

hey...I tried calling yours and craigs numbers both yesterday to invite you and the kids over to play today. Neither worked. So pretty much you are impossible to get a hold of, so I guess call me sometime:) My number is in the ward directory!

Dana said...

So fun to learn more about you Kelley! You are just a sweetheart. Hope you are doing good. Talk to you soon!

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