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Friday, April 4, 2008

I am loving having my studio. I took some pictures of Mckay just for fun. I was going for an old "Oliver Twist" kinda look. I got a bunch of new props which are REALLY cool. The D.I. is amazing. I am still looking for a couch for my studio, so if anyone is selling one let me know :)

My NOT so girlie girl. This girl can eat! She eats more than I do, and eats EVERYTHING. I haven't yet found something she doesn't like. Mckay and Kylin couldn't be more opposite.

Craig had a camping trip with the scouts, so we decided to have a camp out in the living room. The kids LOVED it. We built a huge fort (which, you can't see very well in the picture) and slept in it and watched Sponge Bob till we fell asleep. It was nice for me cause I am scared to sleep by myself :) hehe.

You can't see what this picture is of very well because they were moving so fast, but this is my kids being blankie ghosts. They LOVE to do this together and always spin around and run into walls and stuff. No serious injury's yet to report.

Everyone in their aprons. Soooo cute :) I wish I could have been in the picture because I have THE CUTEST apron ever. I decided to make a 4 layer cake while Craig made dinner. Mckay helped me...he loves to bake and is great at cracking the eggs. Ky just ran around in her apron, looked cute and emptied everything out of all the cupboards and made a huge mess.

This is how it turned out. It was so freakin good! But, WAY lots of work. If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I will email it to's too long to post

It took Mckay and I forever to build this tower for his marbles. Instead of getting a little boy who loves sports, I got this little smarty pants who likes to build stuff. But, I wouldn't change him if I could. What a little cheeser!

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Leah said...

I love the picture of Mckay! And, Craig doesnt look too happy in the Apron picture. Maybe its becuase he's wearing an apron. Haha! Its a cute picture though.
Hey so I was watching Martha Stewart this week. Its cupcake week and I have been trying out cool cupcakes. Try these posted on this blog: (great for parties)

Adam and Ady said... again :) (Leah's friend) I want that cake recipe! It looks really yummy! I am always up for great recipes when you find them. Send them to me!!!!

Chelsea said...

what a fun week! and what a nice mom/wife you are to make that yummy cake! One of these days on our walks I'm inviting myself to come see your house and studio so be prepared:)

Megan said...

- McKay is do adorable in that picture. He should be a model or something - I absolutely love that picture!
- I think we need to get together again so that Kylin can teach Annabelle how to eat cause she is not listening to me. I am so envious.
- Your kids are so fun! I hope that my little ones get along as well as McKay in Kylin.
- That cake looks delish! And you should send me the recipe. You said it takes a while, so I will save it for an occasion when I want to blow everyone away - like you do everytime you post. You should have your own tv show!

Kelley said...

You guys are always too sweet! You make me feel better about myself :)

mrs. jar said...

love the aprons. I'm gonna need that recipe. It looks so yummy. :)

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