Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For all you who scrapbook there is a list of freebies that Kim has complied on our Simply Sweet Designs blog. It is a pretty big list & way cute stuff...FOR FREE! Even if you just want some cute paper for your blog backgrounds. There is also this weeks newsletter, tips, and layout of the week that I just posted yesterday.

Also, this is the last day of Kim's bow shop grand opening. So, if you want to get some DANG cute bows and headbands and a super great price, then make sure to order by today. The link to her site in on our Simply Sweet blog. Aren't I so much cuter as a cartoon?! :) hehe

2 Say What's:

Kim said...

Thanks Kel - I can always count on you!!!

stone13 said...

What is up with this cartoon stuff. You and Kim did it. How do I get a cartoon figure. Well just wanted to say hi. O ya and I really don't want to see your hub doing the GQ pose all the time. What's up wit dat.
Well tell the kids hi and have a good one.

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