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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Of my two kids, Kylin has defiantly been more of a handful. That is saying alot because you all know what a little wild thing Mckay is. Kylin just gets into EVERYTHING and has to destroy and pull it all apart. I swear she does it just for the joy of making a mess. I can't take my eyes off her for even a second or she is terrorizing something. I call her my little wrecking ball and Craig calls her the "unmaker" hehe. I don't know I guess people just told me that girls are easier than boys and so I was excited for a mellow and easy child...YEAH RIGHT!

On a different note....here is a picture of Mckay and his cousin Tyler wearing Kim's bows that she makes. Craig would kill me if he saw this picture or knew that I put a bow on his boy, I am blaming it all on you Kim! I am sure Ryan won't like this picture either. But, it is funny just the same and will be great picture to put on their wedding videos someday. What a meanies we are :)

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Craig HOwe said...

um ya... i do check your blog by the way and must insist this picture be removed post haste to avoid any legal actions taken by both myself and ryan.

Kim said...

LOL - it is cute though craig - come on let your son expereince his "softer" side...it'll be good for him - and good for ransom later in life!

Megan said...

I am all for pictures that could later be used as black mail :) Annabelle and Kylin should never play together because I think the house would cave under the destruction they could both cuase when together. It is good that you are able to look at it and laugh - somedays I wish I could say the same ;)

Tausha said...

i have 3 girls-
my first was so good- She was never into anything. An angel.
my 2nd-not quite an angel, but still up there in the rankings of good children.
Then my third one came along-i could call her devil in pink-little sh*t, her full name in a very loud voice. Whatever the scheme may be. Like right now-this very instant-she is supposed to be taking a nap-i can hear her upstairs doing everyting but that. She is alomost 4 and has yet to grow out of it-so i can completely realate. I am sorry that i can give no hope-i am hoping that they are growing out of it-how about you!

Dana said...

Very nice. :) I'm sure they will love you later in life for this. :) Hope you are doing good Kelley!!

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