What a week!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

This week started off really great. Amy, who is one of my best friends since I was 13, has moved to Utah and she drove up to Ogden to see me. It has been about 3 1/2 years since we last saw each other. She has son who is the same age as Mckay and a daughter that is just a little older than Kylin. It was SO GREAT to see her again and hang out. Plus, meet her kiddos for the first time. We had a fun day at the tree house museum, the kids loved it. And Mckay made a new friend.

This is Mckay & Tyler in the fire engine. Mckay keeps asking when Tyler is gonna come play again and says, "He is so fun and my new friend." You can tell my poor little guy looks sick here.

This is the only picture we could get of them all together. which, was a CHALLENGE. No smiles but, they really were having fun I promise.

This is Mckay playing the drums. There is a really cool instrument room that the kids had a lot of fun in. If any of you live in Ogden and have kids, you should take them to The Treehouse Museum. They would LOVE it.

This is Ky climbing the tree staircase. She loved this place! That is the nice thing, they have stuff for lots of different ages.

Tyler took this picture for us, not bad for a 3 1/2 year old I think. Too bad I still haven't figured out how to smile without showing my teeth :) We didn't have a chance to do a retake cause the kids all ran off. I am so glad that Amy remembered to bring her camera, cause I totally spaced it, (I know can you believe it) so thanks for sending me these pictures Ames.

But, that was the highlight of my week. That day Mckay started throwing up and had diarrhea (I really hope your kids don't get sick Amy). Since then he has been SO SICK. It breaks your heart to see your child suffering and there is nothing you can do for him. He got a blessing from his Grandpa & daddy and that helped him be able to sleep through the night without throwing up. But, the next day he was still very sick and I tried to get him to drink 1/4 cup of Gaterade every 20 minutes and he couldn't even keep that down. He was just sleeping all day and barely moved. I could tell he was getting really dehydrated, so I made him a Dr. Apt for later that night. Right before we left for his appointment craig decided to try and give him some Gaterade. I was expecting him to throw it up in the car (we brought a bucket) but, we got to the Dr. and he still hadn't thrown it up. He had perked up and seemed to come to life again. To make a long story short, he was dehydrated and the Dr. wanted to admit him over night and possibly give him an IV, but since we had gotten him to drink that little bit and he seemed to be doing better, Craig decided to keep trying to give him liquids and if he threw up again we would bring him into the ER. I am a paranoid mom and wanted to do what the Dr. said and admit him. But, I have to say that Craig was right, Mckay has not thrown up again, and is almost back to his old self. Just really tired and we are still giving him tons of liquids to get him hydrated. I am so happy that he is doing better and we didn't admit him to the hospital.

I didn't mention that I have been SO sick with the same thing. Which, has been really hard to take care of my kids while I am throwing up too. Craig couldn't take any work off , so it was just me and my kids and I could barely walk. I haven't been so sick since I was pregnant. Which, made me remember how crappy being pregnant was and make me think I don't want any more kids :) Even though I know we will probably want to have another one. But anyways, I was throwing up non stop for 2 days and am starting to feel a little bit better today, I still have a bucket sitting right here beside me just in case. I am hoping I don't have it for as long as Mckay did. I am just grateful that Ky got her flu shot this year and it actually worked. Craig hasn't gotten sick either, so yeah for that! Thanks to the Howe's for watching Ky for the night so we could take Mckay to the Dr. and I could get a break. Too bad I threw up at the Dr. offce :)

Ok, so that is why it has been a little while since I have posted. Sorry for the novel :) Things are much better now and hopefully by Sunday we will all be completely recovered....stupid flu!

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Leah said...

Oh Kelley, how miserable! Im so sorry that you and McKay had to deal with that!!! Im hoping you feel better!

Tausha said...

Kelley-i am so sorry that you have been so miserable. There is nothing worse than mom being sick and the kids and no one around to help. You don't have Rotovirus do you? That is what it sounds like-no fun! Good thing it is the weekend and your hubby will be around to help.!

Amy said...

I hope you guys get back to normal quickly! I'm so sorry you have been so sick. So far, we have been just fine. I'll keep crossing my fingers that it stays that way! We had so much fun with you!

mrs. jar said...

Sorry you have been so sick. That is crappy. Glad you are finally starting to feel better though.

Megan said...

I was wondering why you hadn't blogged for a while. Although it is a good excuse, it is a crappy one at that! I hope you start feeling better - it doesn't help that kids don't really understand why you can't play with them either. Cute pictures though :)

BensonFam said...

Yuck yuck yuck!!! I am so sorry you had to go through all of that!

Dana said...

i feel bad about you being sick!! no fun at all! hope you are better.

cute pics, you are so talented! i know i've said it before, but you are SO TALENTED!!! :)

p.s. having the office back is a breath of fresh air! i have been in denial... :)

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