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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ok, so I am super excited about this website that I found through Tausha. Quilting is something I really want to learn how to do and get into, and this lady makes THE CUTEST quilts and sells the patterns for them. Seriously adorable. She is giving away a FREE quilt this month too. I know that this is something you would totally love Amy...I want to buy one of these patterns and have you teach me how to quilt and I will teach you digi scrapbooking :) Is that a fair trade? :) Anyways everyone, check it out and if you enter to win the free quilt tell them I referred you and I get entered more times. :) I want to win! hehe. Here is the link to her blog and then her website is of to the side of her blog, it's called "Thimble Blossoms"

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Tausha said...

so glad that you loved her site. I also would love to learn how to quilt. But, maybe i will get lucky and win and then i can tell everyone i did it! yea right-no one will believe me.
When is your picture party? I have talked to some people about it and they are all really interested in coming to one that i do-so, you already have another pre-booked and I have not even seen what you do. Lucky day for you! I guess that is what you get when you make friends with someone who has a big mouth!

Laura said...

Hey quick question..maybe you can put on your "how-to blog" blog:) I have noticed at the end of posts people have their name signed a cool way. Have you noticed this? If so do you know how to do that?

Megan said...

Yeah I am a little sad I did not get the "exposure" I deserved on Ellen ;) But I did see one good shot of me and 3 good glances at Ross. One is when Ellen comes out at the first and everyone is cheering. I am on the right hand side of the audience - by Stryker and just before it cuts to Ellen to start the monologue you can see me standing up cheering with my hands in the air (I know -- I rock right?!) I am wearing a brown shirt. That is the clip you can see me the best in. I even particpated in a dance off during commercials in hopes that I would get some 'air time' but to no avail!

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