Trains & Butterflies

Thursday, May 1, 2008

For those of you who don't know, TRAX is the new passenger train system in Utah. It goes from Ogden to SLC with about 5 stops in between. Well, Trax just barely opened on Monday and for the Grand Opening for 3 days everyone can ride for free! So we decided for family night, to invite the Howe's and ride it to SLC. Little did we know that the rest of the world had the same plan :) It was packed! We were sitting on the floor and most of the way we were standing. But, the trains were pretty nice inside...2-story even. There were benches like a normal bus on the bottom and on the top there were booths with tables. Mckay had SO MUCH FUN, he loves trains. Ky had a little bit harder of a time cause she didn't want to sit and there wasn't much room to run around. But, here are some pictures...sorry there are A LOT.

Look at the excitement in that boys eyes! He could not wait to get on the train.

See his little hands...he is so happy he can hardly contain himself :)

We didn't get a seat, so we were right next to the door (which really scared me) but the kids loved looking out the window. The train goes about 70 MPH.

Grandpa trying to entertain a crazy Ky who won't hold still for even a second.

Mckay was getting a little bored after about an hour, so we stared making funny faces into my camera. There are about 12 more...I spared you all from looking at them. Pretty funny though.

Look how many people are trying to cram in was hectic.

We had to walk about 2 blocks to get to the Gateway.

We ate dinner there at the food court and the kids got ice cream. Then we hopped on the train for home. It was about 10:30 by the time we got back on the train.

Mckay and Grandma snuggling...the kids were so tired. But, the nice thing was, was we all got seats the entire way back. It was lots of fun and Mckay keeps asking to ride the train again.

So, onto the butterfly part of the post. I decided it would be fun to go catch some butterflies since I have REALLY had spring fever lately. So, I invited the Bowcut's and went to Ogden Parkway were I knew there would be some flowers. I found these cute nets at the new Dollar General in Riverdale for anyone wanting to get some.

This is Mckay and his cousin Meg looking at a butterfly that I caught. Don't worry we let them go and none got hurt :)

The kids had SO much fun! They were running around like crazy.

mckay loved his green net...if you can't tell his favorite color is green.

Ky even used her net for a couple seconds and then went to play in the dirt.

It was so cool to see her discovering flowers for the first time. Last year she was to little to care about spring, but this year she wanted to touch all the flowers and eat all the dirt. She cried when I had to put her in the car to leave.

This is her looking at the butterfly Kailey caught. A huge swallowtail! Kailey was the only kid to actually catch one, the others just had fun running around and chasing them. :)

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Kim said...

The train ride looked fun - I didnt know about it even opening! And the kids loved playing and catching butterflies! That pic of Ky and the tulips - definetly a scrapbook page...that flower pot yellow and red kit (with the bugs too) we just bought would be perfect!!! Love them!

BensonFam said...

What a fun mom you are! I love the picture of Ky with her net and with the flowers. How sweet is she?! Hope you're doing great Kel - maybe this summer we will have to meet up and play. It would be so fun to catch up!

Megan said...

You are such a fun mom! We wanted to ride the trax too, but heard it was uber crazy and Anna and Kylin seem like they have about the same attention span ;) We will be trying it for sure when they expand it down here to pleasant view. I love the pictures of Mckay - you can really tell just how excited he is about riding the train.

Your sisters girls are so cute as well. I could just be partial because one is named Meg and the other has red hair ;) But when my sis and I were looking at your photography website she even commented on their picture how stunning they are - so I am not alone.

10zfam said...

you are such a fun mom. ha, i just read what megan wrote, i guess we both think u r a fun mom, you look good too. i love looking at your photos

Leah said...

Man I wish they had cool stuff like that here! Oh well. Kelley, your children are BEAUTIFUL....Kylin is getting so big and it amazes me how much McKay looks like his father. Craig's little "mini-me", if you will. I love looking at your blog :)

Chelsie said...

Hey Kelly! I am Megan's little sister...and Tausha's sister in law. I love your pictures! And I love the ones you did of Anna, Maddie, and Bradee. My mom printed some off of them and put them up in her my little coops snapshot just doesn't fit in!! I was wondering if you could give me some information and pricing on doing my little boys one year pictures. Email me or leave me a comment on my blog. Thanks!!!

Tausha said...

so fun! I thought about going and riding the train too-but I knew that there would be a million people-glad that you had fun-my girls would not have thought it was as cool as McKay did.
Looks like the butterflies were a great idea-i might have to steal that idea- Don't you just love that new dollar store in riverdale-it rocks!

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