Happy Mothers Day...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ever since Craig has started being gone from 7am-7pm everyday, I have not had a chance to excercise. I am lucky if I have a chance to shower and put on a bra, let alone get out and exercize. Which, I have noticed makes me onery and depressed when I don't get to! Soooo...craig got me an elliptical for Mothers Day..WAHOO! Ok, I got it like a week ago but, It counts for Mother's Day. THANKS HONEY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Now I can excerise when the kids are asleep.I am so excited cause we bought it on KSL from a lady that just bought it and used it like once and then decided to sell it to us for like 90% off what she bought it for. I guess it was the elliptical of the year last year or something like that.

So, I really didn't want to put it in our bedroom cause it doesn't say "romance" to me, but when Craig came up with this sweet setup, I gave in. It is right by our big window, so I can see outside and he put our little TV and DVD player in the bookshelf so I can watch a movie while I work out...better than the gym I think :)

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day though. Just because for the millionth time this winter, I was very sick. I have been for about the last3-days now. so, I pretty much just laid in bed and ate nothing all day, and threw up. But, Craig and my kids were so sweet and took really great care of me...so in that way, it was a good day :) Plus, we went over to the Howe's for dinner and that was a lot of fun to hang out with them...even though Sheila was sick too.

On this post I also want to tell both my Moms how much I love and appeciate them! Thanks for all you do for me and the wonderful & amazing people you both are. I am SO blessed... I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!

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Megan said...

That is a sweet set up. Let me tell you - it is so nice to have a treadmill at home. But I still end up getting up before Anna most mornings and go to a gym. Is that weird? I am too easily ditracted with things I could be doing around the house when I am exercising at home. Good job on the present and the price - I love getting stuff from KSL because they usually aren't trying to make a profit like ebayers. Happy Mother's Day!

Peter Lee Family said...

Send us your email address to glee430440@aol.com. I made my blog private, so I need to send you and invite. By the way-your kids are so cute!

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Hi Kelley, I came across your blog and it is so cute. You have such a cute family. I just wanted to say hello. Amber Stoker

Tausha said...

so sorry that you were sick! that is the worst! I can totally relate with the whole sick alot thing. Kindred sisters on that one my friend. Eliptical is awesome! We had one, but we sold it on ksl also. it was crappy, and I never used it cause it was so crappy. So-props to you! I wish that i could exercise. I am with you that it helps us feel so great, but a little at a time. At least i can do a little now. By the end of the summer-hopefully I will be able to do the eliptical with you!

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