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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We put in our yard last year right before winter and never got a chance to enjoy it. Summer is just about here and we are having so much fun outside! We pretty much spend all day outside. Mckay has finally learned how to ride his bike (you can see pictures on my scrapbooking blog) and we have been just hanging out in our backyard. We got the kids a pretty fun little pool too. I love having a fenced in yard all our own, and I am gonna enjoy it to the max till we sell our house! Not the best of pictures cause of the light (never take pictures at noon) and I can't get my dang kids to look at me...I was jumping up and down and making all kinds of weird noises and they both still just tune me out...Oh well.

Mckay had so much fun in his new pool.

Craig's probably gonna kick my butt for this, but I think it is HILARIOUS. He was all wet and I didn't want him to go in the house, so I told him to just go by the dog kennel and pee. It is ok cause they yard is all fenced in!

The pool has all these cool blow up toys and play things attached to it. If any of you are wanting it...it was a Walmart special.

They both loved going down the slide. Even though we didn't fill the pool up very much. We probably will tomorrow. It is really cool though cause there is a shallow play area and then a deep area at the top. They are soooo spoiled though cause we boiled water on the stove so the pool would be heated :) hehe.

He loved painting with his fingers and making a huge mess. I didn't care because it was outside and so I let him do whatever he wanted! It was perfect beautiful day today.

Look real close and you will notice the HUGE plumbers butt....He has not been wearing underwear lately. He doesn't like it. I will put it on him in the morning and I notice later on in the day that he doesn't have it on anymore.

We hung all his masterpieces on the fence.

Ky was crying cause I wouldn't let her in the pool till I changed her into her suit. I just thought it was a cute picture.

This is a VERY rare moment of Mckay actually eating without throwing a huge fit. He told me yesterday that, "Food makes me angry mommy!" this time I told him he couldn't play in his pool till he ate.

Mckay got this swing set for his birthday last year and was never able to use it till now. They both love going down the slide the most.

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BensonFam said...

Your back yard inspires me Kel. We've been working on ours since last September and are FINALLY getting the grass put in TONIGHT! WOOHOOOO!! The finishing touch comes next week - a playhouse for Livvy's b-day.

Megan said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!! As always. I looooong for a fenced back yard to let the kids run wild. Seriously they can do more stuff and you aren't as stressed about things getting dirty. I love all the pics and the pool. I need to talk to this McKay about food making him angry, maybe he could give me some pointers so I don't LOVE it so much.

Tausha said...

looks like you guys know how to have a good time! Love the pool. i would use the pool as leverage a lot if it makes him eat. Amazing what it takes to raise kids huh? wisht that all secrests were the same for all! How are things going on the house? Any lookers/ Is it not the worst thing ever to show a house? it sucks cause u always have to keep it clean. Way hard with little people. I feel for ya. Very stressful time!

Kristin Bishop said...

Sounds like we need to have a playdate where 1-you teach me to digital scrapbook, 2-jaxson can play with your kids in that pool...it's darling and 3- you can motivate me to be a better mama...I am so lazy and drag jaxson on countless shopping expeditions instead of just letting him be a kid outdoors! Call me seriously...when do you think you'll move???

Kim said...

That is a classic of McKay watering the lawn! I couldn't stop laughing!!! Isn't it so nice to have a clean house though, even if it means your sanity?

mrs. jar said...

Looks like fun. I love the little plumber's crack shot. I showed Jimi and we both just laughed. Your kids are too cute. How is the moving plans going? Keep us up to date. I hope it goes well....I'm sure your house will see quickly, it is very cute.

mrs. jar said...

I meant to type sell and not see. woops.

Chelsea said...

what a fun pack yard party!!!:)

Tausha said...

ok-I am serious with this question. How much would you charge me to do digitsl scrapbook pages? Also-you can print these right? You can put them in a book,just like regular? Ilove your pages. I love LOVE them. I want mine to be like them. DOes it take a ton of time or about as much time as regular scrappin? Please answer my questions, and I am totally serious. I don't want to learn, i want to know how much it will cost for your talents?

Leah said...

Im jealous you have a backyard. Maybe I will in....2 years from now. Wait, I BETTER have a backyard in 2 years! (I have waited way too long) I love the picture of Mckay peeing in the yard. Its so funny! Hey, he'd learn to be doing that at scout camp anyway, right? :)
How have you been? (besides busy)

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