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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Since I had about a day in between photography sessions and proofing, I decided to make another digital scrapbook kit. I am still not as super fabulous as I want to be, but I'm learning. I am selling this kit on my "Simply Sweet Designs" site tomorrow for $4.00 if anyone is interested in buying it. :) It is called "Sweet & Sour"

Take this test!
You're a bold, confident orange. A warm, powerful color that indicates a strong, welcoming personality, orange is the mark of people who are social and extroverted by nature. Vibrant, with an upbeat attitude, you have a bright, inviting demeanor. Energetic and fun-loving, you're a real friend-magnet. Your easy charm and unassuming manner make you the sort of person people want to meet and get to know better. Well-rounded and fun to be around, you enjoy helping others, so it's no surprise that orange also symbolizes attraction. Orange is an extraordinary color — for an extraordinary person.

3 Say What's:

Josh and Leslie said...

I do remember you from high school! You have such cute little kids and I have to say I laughed when I read some of the things your kids are up to because they sound a lot like my kids! I looked at your digital scrapbooking site- such cute things!

Megan said...

Your scrapbook stuff is super cute...but I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

I am an 'orange' too! We are awesome...which is most likely why we are friends ;)

Tausha said...

I have not forgot about you! Promise! I have been crazy busy lately! Fogive please!! Anyway-was wondring if I could come by tom? I have no kids after 2-so please call me in the morning and let me know. I will get directions and get you your fun stuff! I am really excited for you to have it! I want to keep it all! yes, that should make you excited!! Call me! 737-4554

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