Happy 4th!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We had a really great Holiday with the Howe family! It started at 10 AM with the North Ogden Parade. Which, the kids LOVED...mostly because of all the candy the floats throw out. We had pretty good seats right across for Kirts.

Then after the parade we went to the Howe's and tie-dyed T-shirts! It was out first time and was really fun! The only problem is, is that after we washed and dried them, they turned pink and all the colors REALLY faded. So, we will have to do a little research for next years shirts (any tips let me know). I still made our family wear them even though they didn't look so great :) After tie-dye we went to the "Cherry Days" booths and looked around and got some cotton candy. Mckay even got to go on a little ride. Next year I think I will be a vendor and actually have a booth for my photography.

After Cherry Days we went back to the Howe's and had the BEST BBQ ever! Steak, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes! I am drooling just thinking about how amazing it was. Then we went to fireworks at Weber High, except this year we didn't go up on the football field because the kids were tired and we wanted to get out of the parking lot before midnight. We just sat down in the park and watched. So, to sum it up, It was a great day.... even though I didn't get to take all the cool pictures I had planned out it my head to remember it (it is just too hard with uncooperative kids) but, that is life right...maybe next year.
Sharlie was in the Parade this year, she is President of the Honor Society. Good job Shar!
The Howe Crew
One of the kids favorites...the loud fire engine.
Ky LOVED the parade cause she liked chasing after the candy that was thrown out. I was worried she was gonna get hit because she was fearless and just ran after it and of course she always had a piece of candy in her mouth.
The cousins having fun while we tie-dyed, even though they fought over this car a lot!
Look how pretty the colors were before we washed them.
Our matching shirts...cool swirl huh?
Ky was not scared of the fireworks AT ALL...she LOVED them. She even kept looking at the sky for the next 5-minutes after they were over hoping there would be more.
The little monkey and me. He was pretty excited right before they started but, then when they did start he was scared of them....Oh well maybe next year he will get over it.

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Peter Lee Family said...

Looks like your family has had a lot of fun lately. Love the comment about McKay pooping-since we were at a little girls birthday party in a backyard and next thing we know Ryker is peeing in front of the whole party-not quite as bad as McKay but still embarassing(what's wrong with boys?!) Sorry we never saw you guys. We actually didn't even have a phone number for you because Pete's phone died the day after he got there and I don't have your number on my phone. Would have loved to have you take some pics of the kids-maybe next time.

BensonFam said...

There's something about soaking them in a vinegar mixture before washing them? I used to work up at a girl's camp and we tie dyed all the time. I wish I could remember exactly how we set the color in. But I know that it involves vinegar!

Tausha said...

looks and sounds fun! Only tip for tye die-I think you are suppposed you use vinegar when you rinse. In the first rinse and then plain in the 2nd. I think?
Hey-I am going to run errands today at around 2-ish. Are you going to be home?
Will you call me and let me know? Tell me how to get there and I promise I will get there today. One of yoru gifts, my kids think it's fun to play with, so I got to get it to you. Thanks babe!
I promise-we will get it done today~ Right?!

Kim said...

Love the pics Kel and looks like McKay is gonna win the tug o war with the car. He is all over it, LOL! We had fun klicking your butt in pool yesterday too and I hope you don't have too many brusies from all the mini karate chops! Sorry! Anyway, love the post!

Megan said...

I love the 4th! Such a fun holiday and it looks like your family had a great one. Your family pictures are so cute. I really need to start taking more pictures of all of us...it's always me with Anna or Ross with Anna and never the 3 of us! Anna still has yet to see fireworks - she is always in bed. Oh well..one day.

My in-laws tie dye shirts each year at the famly reunion, I haven't done any though. I will have to ask them for tips and let you know.

mrs. jar said...

I love your pictures. I have never actually tie-dyed shirts (or anything else for that matter) but it looks like so much fun and they turned out really good, even if they are a little pink. Your kids are getting so big! How's the house selling coming?

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