Kung Fu fighting & Usborne Books

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You will probably have to click on this to make it bigger so you can see the pictures better because they crack me up. We were at Sunday dinner and my parents house and the kids all decided to be Ninjas and start fighting each other, it was hilarious! So, it turned into this full out brawl. I hope that my kiddos always stay good friends with their cousins.

So most of you must know of Usborne Books....they are AMAZING! My kids LOVE them...and they are education and so cute and really fun to read. So, I decided to have a party. If you want to order some for your kids HERE is the link to my online party. If you want any suggestions for some great books let me know cause my kids have lots of them & I know some good ones :) Also, there might be shipping if you order it online, if you don't want to pay shipping just let me know what you want and I will get if for you at my party and there is NO shipping.

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Megan said...

Your Sunday dinners always sound so eventful. Those pictures are pretty funny.

I love those books...My mom bought some of the 'That's not my ___ (princess, fairy, etc)' and they have all sorts of different things to touch and feel in them. Anna loves them. I will have to let her and my sister know about your party too.

Kim said...

I love that layout - I was gonna use the same kit! That is too funny! Anyway, it was fun Sunday and I hope our kids can all stay close too! I will order some books online - K?

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